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Salesforce announced the launch of New Integration Cloud at TrailheaDX, the company’s third annual developer conference. This is the event where Salesforce showcases its latest innovations across the Salesforce Platform. Integration cloud, Lightning Flow, New Einstein Developer Experience and third party Quip Live apps, and Trailhead can be used with any Trailblazers to give a connected customer experience.

Integration Cloud offers tools as well as services that helps Salesforce users to deliver better customer experience by making it easy to find data wherever it is stored. The system, customer and the device can now be connected more intelligently with the new Integration cloud.

The Integration Cloud consists of three sections –

Integration Platform
The Integration platform is based on MuleSoft, the recent Salesforce acquisition.  Mulesoft will continue to build application networks with its Anypoint Platform and this will power the new Integration Cloud.

Integration Builder
Admins can have a complete customer information across all of their Salesforce sources as well as their entire network of business systems. In addition, admins can manage everything through a unified admin console.

Integration Experiences

Integration experiences creates a personalized customer experience. It brings together customer data in a whole new way that helps in delivering an end to end customer service across various platforms like sales, marketing, services and more.

Lightning Flow enhances customer experience by using process automation to CRM. Developers and business users can now create guided visual tours, customize it as per customer data, thus boosting productivity. Automating work saves times, at the same time giving the customer an incredible experience.

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With Einstein Analytics and Quip Live Apps, business users can develop smarter apps with intelligence embed directly into their apps in just a few clicks.

With the interactive Quip Live Apps, customers can design infographics, embed videos and more, all within the same Quip document.

Trailhead, Salesforce’s gamified online learning platform will include Google Trailhead Content and Trail Guides. Both of these help simply the learning path to climb up the career ladder.

Personalized learning for everyone regardless of the experience level or role gives anyone a fair opportunity to land in a job of one’s choice.

“Trailhead is the front door to a new career that’ll change your life,” said Zac Otero, Salesforce Lead, BKD CPAs & Advisors.

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About Salesforce
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Author : Preetha Tojy Date : 13 Apr 2018