A Hidden Thorn in the Rosy World of Mobile Apps – Info Insecurity

Image Source:mobileworldmag.com

Mobile Apps are arguably the fastest growing communication channel and needless to say, Android, Mango and the I-series Apps are here to stay. Along with the growing number of mobility users, the fastest growing challenge is Information Insecurity.

Let’s look at a few familiar security threats first. Data leakage and Data loss via weak software, Operating systems and third party applications coupled with threats posed by Trojans and mobile malware rule the roost. Not far behind are the challenges posed by inefficient and insufficient API architecture, management design tools, unsecured networks, unencrypted data transmissions, vulnerable handheld devices and accessories. So do you think you have it all under control? Well not yet!
The shallowest pit is the proximal hacking concept propelled by the theory of Near-field Communications. Rogue access points and Rogue marketplaces are hubs for this proximity driven hacking where cyber criminals “bump” into mobile devices (smart phones) and extract sensitive/confidential data. A layman example of this theory would be the typical case of credit card info that you store on a smart phone, and you use the smart phone to pay for your purchase by holding the smart phone near the Point of Sale. Voila! It’s the same near-field communication theory that works here. Did you know that this is the same theory that crooks use to hack your data.
According to Dan Hubbard, chief technology officer for Internet security provider OpenDNS who is the lead contributor to the Cloud Security Alliance’s new report, Top Threats to Mobile Computing, “nearly two-thirds of survey respondents believe near-field communications will result in more proximity-based hacking in 2013 as thieves using skimmers or other technology capture credit card and other financial data stored on Smart phones”.
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Author : admin Date : 18 Oct 2012