A marvelous month of learning and fun at Suyati

Christmas at suyati
Interesting! Awesome! I do not have words to describe the last one month of my life at Suyati. On the first day, I came here with lot of thoughts and many unanswered questions. I was both tensed as well as excited. But with the first session, I was totally relaxed. The schedule given by the Suyati staff made me think deep since some of the subjects were not known to me. It was so long that the duration of each session made me speechless. As soon as people started coming to us for managing various sessions, I felt better.

The technical sessions were so informative and effective. I was thinking about how the employees were able to manage these training classes along with their work. Those sessions gave me more insight into various technical stuffs and the recent technologies in IT field. The power-point presentations conveyed all the basic details about each topic. The practical sessions helped me learn more. I could learn more than what I was taught in my college life, even though I was tensed about the assessments.

The soft skill sessions were awesome. Those were the small breaks which we had in the midst of serious technical stuffs. I was able to improve my communication skills and could build up more confidence and energy. I was also enjoying those small words of appreciation which they gave me during each session.

Finally, I have to say about my dear friends who are always with me.  I made ten new friends at Suyati. Together, we made this month an unforgettable one. We started addressing each of us with nicknames, talked with each other a lot, teased one another for no reason, laughed, celebrated birthdays with gifts, and had numerous photo sessions which increased the fun. I am totally dumbstruck. I just love them all a lot.

I wish that Vincent Sir, our HR will make all of us permanent employees of Suyati. I do not want to lose any of them and I hope I can reach greater heights at Suyati. Last, but not the least, I thank all the employees who took effort to come here and teach us all the basic stuffs amongst their busy schedules. Still, it is hard to believe that one month of life at Suyati had passed by.

Yes, time moves fast. My mind has calmed down now and I look forward to learn and grow. I thank God for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Author : Neeraja and Team Date : 08 Jan 2016