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11th May 2015, the day which became the turning point of my life, the day I joined Suyati. New job….new life. My expectations were high. And had a lot fear inside my mind when I entered Suyati. When I saw the STEP schedule for the first time I thought of running away from Suyati as it was full of technical and non-technical sessions without any BREAK! And some sessions were even extended till seven which was scary.

Ann Shirley Varghese - Suyati Technologies Step Program

But in the first day of STEP itself I realized that my assumptions were wrong. It was really interesting to attend the classes. The trainers were really good and they didn’t make us feel that we are sitting in a professional training session. When it comes to technical session I should mention the object oriented programming session taken by Jijo and Shijil. Jijo was a trainer who could make us understand the things better and he was able to explain the minute details of each and every concepts. At college we didn’t get an opportunity to relate the object oriented concepts with the real world but in Suyati this is what we were focusing on. The arrangement of the sessions were really good. I liked the way non-technical sessions were incorporated into the STEP program, especially the soft skill session. It helped me to improve my writing and speaking skills.

Here I thank all the trainers who took classes for us. You people did a fantastic job.

I have some small suggestions. Here it is:-

  • I think the way of arranging too many technical sessions one after another make the students more tired. It will be good if you arrange the sessions in such a way that not too much technical sessions fall on the same day.
  • I think it will be great if Suyati can provide a transportation to us as we are facing difficulties in travelling.
Author : Ann Shirley Varghese Date : 03 Jul 2015