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Go Mobile with Sitefinity

When things seem to get increasingly easier with the luxury of completing multiple tasks on the mobile, why should you compromise when it comes to your content management system?  Get higher customer engagement now with Sitefinity’s mobile CMS that integrates device agnostic and device specific features to ensure a wholesome mobile experience.  Make your websites innovative and mobile friendly with the three must-have mobile strategies – responsive design, mobile websites, and mobile apps.

Why mobile CMS?

With growing mobile usage today, there are more visitors accessing your website from mobile devices than from desktops.  Given a choice, over a third of mobile visitors prefer to view the full site rather than a mobile-version of your website.  Shoppers who stay on the mobile website generate only 14% of revenue compared to 79% generated by shoppers on the full site.  What this means is you cannot afford to make any compromises when it comes to customizing your website for mobile users.  Your website is, after all, the online face of your business, and it does not take more than a bad site experience to drive your customer to a rival website.

Mobile CMS from Sitefinity

For all those intending to leverage mobile visitors for their business, Mobile CMS from Sitefinity may be the answer to your prayers.  Here’s a look at some of the features that make Sitefinity’s CMS one of the very few CMS solutions that speak to mobile users.

Mobile App Transform your web content into a HTML5 based mobile app through the Telerik App Builder or any other integrated development environment of your choice.

App Builder With a single click, you can deliver the app through Sitefinity Box, a container app included in Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Sitefinity Mobile CMS

The App Builder includes these amazing features:

  • Cordova – to bring the advantage of APIs that allow access to native device functions so that your app can serve multiple devices with a single code base.
  • Kendo UI – to give your app a native look and feel.
  • Sitefinity Geolocation API – to build location-driven apps that are commonly seen in retail and service sectors.

Responsive Design Deliver a customized mobile experience that is device agnostic.  It is no longer challenging to consistently ensure that your webpage fits a wide range of device and OS types that exist in the market each time you make a change to your site.  Responsive design lets you optimize your website for each visitor device using drag and drop layouts and responsive rule-sets.  Drag & drop layouts are DIV-based instead of table based, allowing a fluid Sitefinity Mobile CMSweb design.  Once defined, Sitefinity automatically customizes the layout to various screen sizes using adaptive rule-sets.  You may simplify the page for selected devices by choosing to hide certain elements on the page.

With responsive design, you can obliterate the hassle of maintaining a mobile-version and a web-version of your website, unless, of course, your business warrants it. It is also backwards compatible which means visitors who access the site from a device that does not support responsive design get to see the default version of your website.

Easy Navigation Browsing a website on a mobile device can be frustrating if you need to scroll too much or if Sitefinity Mobile CMSsome of the page features are difficult to access.  Sitefinity’s responsive navigation widgets allow touch navigation through predefined CSS (cascading style sheets).  Your mobile visitors can access your content faster and more efficiently leading to a better site experience.

Site Preview If you have rolled out a new website or have made changes to your website design, you might wonder how your site appears on a smart phone or a tab.  With Sitefinity’s Site Preview feature, you can check just that.  Select your device from over 20 different device types (iPhone, HTC Sitefinity Mobile CMSHD2/Incredible, iPad, Galaxy Tab and more) and preview your website using the built-in device emulator.  See how your page will be transformed so that you can optimize it for each device type before you publish.

Device Detection If you would rather maintain separate mobile websites with each site customized for a specific device type, Sitefinity automatically detects the screen size of each device Sitefinity Mobile CMSthat accesses your page to redirect the visitor to the site specifically designed for their screen size.  This way, you can ensure web pages are accurately delivered to each device and your site will function as expected irrespective of screen resolution of the device. This feature can be applied to the entire site or only for selected web pages and microsites.

Personalization You can deliver personalized content on your webpage to your visitors by defining appropriate criteria.  Leverage context like past browsing history, geolocation, or time of the day to deliver customized and relevant messages.

Make your website work better with Sitefinity mobile CMS

In an ever-changing and highly competitive market, give your website the agility it needs to quickly respond to changing business opportunities.  When your website is device agnostic or fine-tuned to meet the needs of various devices, your business gets a wider customer base.  With responsive design and personalized content, you can ensure a positive browsing experience for people who visit your site, leading to higher conversions.

Author : admin Date : 11 Jun 2015