Advantages of Choosing eBay’s Magento Small Business Program


It’s a tough world out there, and small businesses today face a lot of challenges to achieve their goals. One of the major ones involves finding the right technology tools to help set up online ecommerce stores and to support their functioning. It is essential that such a program take the specific needs of smaller firms into account, as a one-size-fits-all approach might not be very efficient in such a case.

If you own a small business, you must definitely check out eBay’s Magento Small Business program. Through Pixafy, it makes use of the features of the Magento Community Edition to provide a solution tailored for small and growing businesses. It promises to make a connect between smaller merchants and third-party vendors who can provide the required expertise in design and software. Here’s a closer look at the advantages it offers:

Ease of use: Setting up an online store may seem like a daunting proposition especially if you do not have team members with the required skills. Pixafy now makes it possible to complete this step in as short a time as a day, and simplifies it so much that you don’t even need a developer for it. It also makes it very instinctive to customize the look and feel of your store, and to organize and make changes to your product listings. Your shopping cart could also be configured in many ways, with customization for payment methods, taxes and shipping. Store management is another aspect that is made easier with a user friendly control panel that helps control the look and feel and other aspects of multiple sites.

Scalability: Many small businesses serve as stepping stones to move on to a larger one, and any support product used by them should be selected with this possibility in mind. Pixafy offers not just specific support for smaller merchants, but can also seamlessly enable scaling up the need when required. This includes hosting needs with the infrastructure taking care of optimizing speed and security, and this is also tailored based on the size of your customer base.

Easy setup and free support: This product comes with a wealth of free tutorials and promises free 24/7 support from a team of experts in the field. Members of this team can be reached on phone, email and online ticketing. Migrating from an earlier platform to Pixafy also becomes a much simpler process thanks to these online tutorials and the expert support offered. This is an absolutely seamless transition when moving from platforms like Magento Go or Prostores in any case. It is also possible to retain a lot more of your older data during migration, in comparison with many other platforms.

Enables worldwide reach: It can be a challenge to cater to international customers, but Pixafy makes this an easy task. The relevant features include accepting payments from international gateways, seamless language translation and the ability to handle a range of currencies and global tax configurations. For example, all website content including checkout pages can be translated to the required language in just a single click. Currency conversion is in real time so that customers need not spend additional time and effort navigating between tabs to check the latest rates.

Marketing support: A good marketing program needs to be supported by the right tools to make it successful. Pixafy can help right from easy creation of customer accounts to email marketing campaigns and coupon schemes. It also targets the very important area of social media platforms, and you can now promote your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other such platforms. SEO and other related aspects like product reviews are also easy to integrate with the use of this program. Analytics including metrics and tracking can be used to generate useful reports that could also contribute to future marketing approaches.

Better time management, increased revenue and a significant improvement in customer engagement are just some of the benefits reported by businesses that have tried this program. It definitely seems to be an affordably priced solution that could help small businesses make the best use of technology specific to their needs. It is a great alternative to Magento that offers the same core features, but at a more cost-efficient price for small and growing businesses.

You could find more details about Pixafy at their webpage here. Do go through this page and the related case studies and full features that would help make up your mind.

Author : admin Date : 01 Feb 2016