Advantages of Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is a Community Cloud for government with world-class compliance and security. US government and partners have exclusive access to services on offer specially created and developed for them. Growing demands and soaring expectations from the US government and various Public Sector agencies require them to be highly efficient and agile while responding to any situation. This is not as simple for these agencies as it is for regular industries. Public Sector agencies are required to meet compliance regulations set forth by US Government.

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is being constantly developed and updated to keep up with the ever dynamic market requirements. The Advantages of Microsoft Azure Government Cloud add up with each new update and the list keeps growing:

User-Friendly: Developers, System Administrators and Architects find the platform easy to navigate, migrate from previous system, and manage applications and ready access to resources to speed up the development. As for employees, the Office 365 which is now offered by Microsoft provides them with a solution that they are already familiar with.

Flexibility and Scalability: Developers can choose the tools, framework, architecture and operating system to build the desired cloud solution.

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud supports auto-scaling to optimally utilize resources, reduce costs, balance performance as per customer requirement. Scalability is important for government solutions to avoid unwanted hold-ups. Azure Government Cloud provides the infrastructure to scale up or down and add servers quickly based on demand. When stakes are high, Azure Government Cloud is a reliable infrastructure as it allows to scale up or down by adding servers automatically. It is not always clear how big a project will get and how quick its requirements will grow. Azure Government is the best bet when it comes to executing big projects, as it can be trusted to handle projects of any size.

Complaint and Secure: Microsoft holds the standard certifications required such as HIPAA, CJIS, ECSB and FedRAMP. Microsoft cloud is all set to upgrade from DoD Impact Level 4 to DoD Impact Level 5, which enables it to handle controlled unclassified data, privacy information, protected health records and other such secured information. Microsoft Azure Government Cloud provides customers with secure environment within which they can design, build and manage their applications.

Azure maintains strict security environment through logically and physically isolated datacenters and assures that all Azure Government administrators and operators are vetted before they assume their office.

Industry Ready: Azure Government Could is a reliable hybrid cloud solution to build and manage applications using current technologies.

Sharing Responsibility: Microsoft helps its customers by sharing in the responsibility to obtain and fulfill privacy, security and compliance requirements.

Network Isolation: Azure Government Cloud is a physically isolated network, separate from general networks and is maintained such that it prevents unwanted communications. Unauthorized users are blocked by network access control.

Communication Encryption: Cryptographic technology which is inbuilt into Azure Cloud enables customer to control the communication that is exchanged within as well as between cloud to data centers.

Identity Management: Only authorized personnel are allowed access to Azure Government Cloud. Multifactor authentication is implemented for additional security. Customers can control access to their systems, applications and data. Single sign-on is used to control user access across platforms and applications. Customers can maintain tight control on which user should be allowed on their system, on what level and which application or services can be accessed and what information will be shared with users.

Data Storage, Backup & Recovery: Azure Government Cloud provides a scalable, reliable and inexpensive solution to store customer data. Data can be backed-up as per requirement and can also be easily recovered.

Packaged Applications: Customers many a times require to run applications such as SQL and SharePoint on Azure Government Cloud. Microsoft provides for implementation of such special requirements by quick set up and deployment of new infrastructure or utilizing the existing one. Hybrid datacenters support SQL Server Always-On and allows for redundancy via Azure SQL. Direct backup to Azure government is also possible with SQL Server. The dynamic nature of business workflow can be managed by allowing scaling up as per requirement, and customers can pay only for the services they demand and use.

Application Testing: Developers need to design, develop and test applications to deliver as per requirements and for this they need a robust infrastructure. Microsoft Azure Government Cloud provides customers an environment where they can design, develop and test customer made applications as per their requirements.

Increased Responsiveness: Government agencies are able to service citizens with increased responsiveness and even the government employees can efficiently do their job and be more responsive towards citizens.

At times government decisions might take up a lot of time, yet when once a project is approved, the partners move quickly to deliver solutions. Azure Government is a set of capabilities that work together to deliver reliable and quick solutions.

Reliable Credibility: Association with Microsoft Azure Government Cloud provides immediate credibility to the technology partner. Even if the agency is new, it can earn credibility by associating with Azure Government Cloud, as customers may feel confident about working with them. This is because Microsoft has already built trust in the market and the solutions and services they provide are established.

Supportive Ecosystem: Several Microsoft Azure Government partners appreciate that they enjoy top-class business and technical support which in turn helps them to develop and grow their services and business. New opportunities open up as a result of successful association with Microsoft. Even collaboration with other partners is beneficial for mutual growth and success.

Remote Access: Microsoft Azure Government Cloud provides remote access to client information. Powered with multi-factor authentication, critical client information can be securely accessed. This is a huge advantage as the data can be accessed remotely without compromising on security aspect and high productivity is maintained without compromising on quality. Users can be assigned single unique sign-on passwords for common access. Password combined with phone call, message or a special key authentication adds security layers to the system and control access.

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is ever evolving platform and with plethora of services to make business more productive and efficient with each new update. We offer migration services from on-premise to Microsoft Azure Cloud. Download our free white paper now.

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Author : Poonam Sambargikar Date : 09 Nov 2016