Advantages of Choosing iOS to Create Apps

Advantages of chossing iOS

The smart phone market is ever increasing and Apple phones have been growing in popularity by day. The iPhone and its sophisticated operating system iOS offers developers the freedom to innovate and build exclusive applications for the phones. Thus, developing applications for the iOS helps the developer to reach the ever increasing market and users.

iPhone software development kit is available for download for all and can be used to develop and market any application from the Apple App Store. Alternatively, there are many companies that offer iPhone application development services. iPhone has been so far the highest revenue generator in the market. They are popular among the users for various reasons and can be used for fun and entertainment as well as for official and business purposes.

There are certain  advantages of choosing iOS for app creation. iOS has a combination of hardware and system software that provides wide ranging design advantages unique from the other existing technological approaches for desktops, laptops as well as mobile devices.

  • iOS allows the developer to build apps that use multi-finger motions instead of a single finger touch or mouse click, giving more flexible user experience.
  • iPhone and iPad have an accelerometer. This allows the developer to design apps that detect faster movement and change the display according to orientations.
  • iPad allows users to use split view for more than one screen views. This is another feature that developers can exploit to create a dynamic app.
  • Apple device users can send and receive e-mail, browse internet, sync contacts, calendars, notes etc. and download their content from Apple stores. Thus, a new app may not require to store a lot of data, instead it can connect to the internet and procure the relevant information.
  • The user environment in any Apple device is consistent, for example, the home button quits all the apps. Additional features can be added to the app setting for the user. Moreover, the iOS app can co-exist with other web services and applications created in HTML.
  • iOS has an easy to use interface and has more security features than many other operating systems.
  • It is easy to test the apps developed for iOS as there are only a handful of iOS devices. This would not be possible in Android as the devices are manufactured by multiple manufacturers. Every device will have different hardware leading to some mismatch with the technical specifications; a glitch that can be easily avoided in iOS.
  • The iOS devices are high on the popularity chart making it easy to track a user and test the app. Thus, the developer can be sure that the app is going to run well on all iOS devices.
  • Apple has a loyal customer base that are willing to pay for new and better applications as it is only the quality of the app that decides its entry into the Apple list.
  • Thus, the app developers for iOS earns more than those developing for Android. Apple App store has been estimated to generate at least four times more revenue than that generated in the Android market.
  • It is easy to update and developers require fewer resources to build an app. The screen sizes are not many so it would run in pretty good resolution in all screens.
  • Though Android developers have the flexibility to shrink or stretch an image to fit in a particular screen size and resolution, it calls for an extra effort. This is so easy in iOS.
  • Further, Apple’s hardware features enhance the app’s user experience. Apple products are known to provide the best quality in display and hardware. Thus, the developer can be sure that the app will give the user a great feel and will have a faster platform to function on. This is a risk factor that comes with Android. Certain devices would not be optimised enough to run the apps to their maximum capacity, leaving the users with a dismal experience. This will never be the case with Apple devices run on iOS.

These are the distinct advantages that makes iOS the most desirable operating system to develop an application on.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 12 Jul 2016