Advantages of EPiServer Commerce Platform

EPiServer Commerce platform

Organizations of various domains and strengths require creating and managing content for the web pages at regular intervals. EPiServer is one such system which makes it simpler for the organizations to manage their own “publishing system” using EPiServer CMS. On the same lines, EPiServer commerce platform is one such system which can be used to handle the content management of an e-commerce website. It can be hosted on a cloud which makes it all the more robust and increases accessibility. Some of its main benefits are discussed below.

Key features

1: Built as an add-on and scalability

Many website owners who have tried and tested EPiServer CMS put their faith in the system, and they can continue to do so without having to bring the system down to use this feature. EPiServer Commerce is not a core part of the product and thus it can also be opted out while the EPiServer CMS can be used by the web admins who do not require any commerce angle for their domains. However, this feature can be heavily profitable for companies having a need for an e-commerce platform, as most content management technicalities can be handled by this. Even people having very low exposure to website management can take advantage of this tool and create amazing content for their requirements. To do this they can very easily unify the commerce platform with their already existing EPiServer CMS platform.

Further, scalability is one test which every system needs to pass before it gets fully accepted in the world business solution domain. EPiServer Commerce platform guarantees to serve businesses of any scale, be it a site which renders orders by hand or using any ERP system. Using various features of hosting an EPiServer Commerce platform, we can make the system handle business of any size.

2: Integration with external systems

EPiServer offers integration with many external systems like PIM, ERP and MAP. These systems are used to complement business by handling the content management and the other related stuff. Connecting the EPiServer commerce with the already existing systems not only decreases the workload of creating the contents which already exist, but also provides a much efficient pipelined process for most of the e-commerce site related processes.

3: Improve results and performance

Using EPiServer commerce platform also has an added advantage of being optimized for search engine bots (SEO). There are various tests which exist within the system to effectively benchmark the key components of the site and provide suggestions to improve search ranking and ensure optimized content for target keywords.

4: Better collaboration and online experience

Streamlining the most common business processes not only helps in creating an organized business, but also is a key feature for growth of an organization.  EPiServer commerce platform has a solution for creating and editing location specific campaigns and marketing of the product. Also due to better collaboration and seamless integration, customer experience gets the major focus here leading to a better growth.

Since, it is also focused majorly on an e-commerce domain, most of its base use cases are to cater for a better customer experience while shopping on the site. Hence, many common features of an e-commerce site can simply be built into the site just by simply dragging and dropping blocks into desired area. Later on content can be created which might contain text, audio/video, and so on; and placed in the allocated blocks, for the ease of managing and organizing.

5: Intelligent content management

Most of EPiServer platform are intelligent, in a way that they are built to adjust and fit the layout according to site and the content. The system keeps on learning the various nuances and the behavioral patterns of the visitors to the site and changes the view accordingly, and thus making the site all the more user friendly. This also eases the task of the organization by decreasing the amount of manpower going behind maintenance and organizing a website. Additionally, as an intelligent system, it also makes sure which of the content stays on top based on the behavior of the visitor.

Also the search capabilities in EPiServer are state-of-the-art. It contains auto-completion of search keywords and thus helps in understanding what the user is going to search and suggests keywords. Faceting is one more feature which is being provided by the EPiServer Commerce platform.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 24 May 2016