There is little doubt about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform customer service across a range of industries. According to PwC, AI is one of the 8 essential technologies in business. Currently around 38% of enterprises are using AI and this is projected to hit 62% by 2018. IDC believes that AI will be a $47 billion market by the year 2020.

Microsoft has made machine learning and intelligent data analysis a part of the Dynamics 365 platform. As a suite of products, Dynamics 365 AI is all about improving customer service experiences with the help of AI. Dynamics 365 AI has been developed to deal with an entire range of problem solving – beginning with simple requests going right up to complex enterprise-level client relationship management. This is possible because of the Azure Machine Learning that the software is based on. This helps in:

  • Discovering patterns within customers’ behaviors and needs
  • Identifying social post sentiment
  • Analysing and interpreting data that is provided to representatives that deal with customers directly.
  • Combining customer insights with AI to provide personalized results to both chatbots and customer service officers.

Take a look at some of the features and how they help improve customer service

Helping the Sales Department Prioritize: For salespeople time is of the essence. Spending time with paperwork and repetitive answering of standard questions can eat into productive time. With this software they can now prioritize and focus on deals that are sure to have a favourable outcome. Repetitive and common questions will be answered thanks to AI interaction.

Deeper Market Insights: Information gathered from web and social insights can strengthen marketing abilities as well as the work done by social media and market research departments. This in turns helps the marketing department make quicker decisions and anticipate needs as well. It also improves customer relationship, since those interacting with customers will have first-hand personalized information leading to better conversations. The potential for sales then increases significantly.

AI for Customer Service: This is perhaps the most dynamic of all aspects when it comes to the implementation of Dynamics 365 AI. The combination of AI and natural language understanding creates automated insights on customer service data. This is available with a range of out-of-the-box dashboards such as:

  • Key performance indicators (KPI) summary dashboard
  • New cases dashboard
  • Resolutions dashboard
  • Customer satisfaction dashboard
  • Topic details dashboard

All of the built-in dashboards are backed up with interactive charts as well as visual filters. You will also be able to have a cross view of operations across channels and be able to pinpoint places that may need improvement early on. This works on enhancing the impact and boosts your ability to evaluate and enhance KPIs.

With these dashboards you have insights into critical metrics that are needed for operational and performance excellence. Some of the features are:

  • Automated grouping of cases based on topics of help, and with the implementation of natural language understanding. Dynamics 365 AI removes the need for manual tagging.
  • Prioritizing of cases based on volume, resolution and impact helps improve focus.
  • Bringing potential issues to the forefront and allowing preparation time to tackle with them before they are escalated into an issue by customers.
  • An understanding of customer satisfaction scores enabling improvement of customer loyalty

How Does This Power Customer Service? 

The insights alone enable customer service managers to anticipate customer needs based on the deep insights that they get. Personalized interaction based on customer purchase and browsing history gives the customer executive a strong base on which to convert a lead into a sale, which often is all about pushing the right requirements at the right time with a prospective customer. AI takes care of the first step of interaction to a large extent and only when it fails, will it automatically pass a customer on to a live agent. This is done in a seamless manner, ensuring the customer does not feel the change too much.

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We are in an age when personalized and advanced customer experiences are considered to be the basic requirement of buyer-seller interaction. Integrating a customer services platform with AI is the best way to give any business the boost it needs to increase efficiency and productivity. Providing employees with tools that will help to increase efficiency and productivity will be an ideal use of resources in the organization.

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13 May 2019
Author : Ruth