Another Finnish extravaganza in the technology field: Angry Birds

From T-shirts to sneakers, and soon to hit the big screen in a movie format, the scornful laughing voice you often hear today on Smartphones or your college internet cafe has set off a revolution in the gaming industry. You guessed it right! We are talking about the Angry Birds game created by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. It has indeed earned a cult status among smartphone users with the game reaching over 500 million downloads from various app stores of Apple, Google, Microsoft and application stores of other leading operating systems, since its first release in 2009.

The game focuses on the use of a slingshot to launch birds at pigs and other obstructions. Several versions of the popular game have been released since then. Now Rovio Entertainment, the brains behind the game, has launched a new gaming series called Bad Piggies which works on the reverse logic of pigs attacking birds as revenge for what they did in Angry Birds. Talk about raging animals!

Rovio, baed out of Finland has generated revenue of $106 million in 2011 from its Angry Birds gaming series, as well as from sales of Angry Birds merchandise. This figure is nearly 0.5 % of the total GDP of Finland.

Rovio has grabbed the attention of the Mobile World, and helped put Finland on the global map for innovation and technology. More can be expected in the coming years.


Author : admin Date : 07 Oct 2012