Anticipatory/Predictive Computing

We are all dreaming of a simpler world which makes our life effortless, so that if we get into the car and it takes up straight to our destination, or when we switch on a TV it will automatically tune to our favourite channel. Our day are filled with busy schedules, we need all the things to be controlled. Can computer tell us what we are wishing to do in the next minute? I am just sharing the details of a new iPad app called Mindmeld which is built based on a science called Anticipatory computing.

It is a video/voice chat similar to a Skype, we can not only discusss the matters with colleagues but also can add pertinent photos /videos to the conversation as it interprets what is being said.

Mindmeld Approach

The founder of Mindmeld is TimTuttle , a serial entrepreneur. He had also launched Truveo, a video search engine. Mindmeld approach will look back to last 10 minutes of activity and then anticipate what user needs in next 10 seconds. Because of this feature the approach is named as Predictive/Anticipatory computing. Predictive approach is used to for computational decision making in this approach. Here real human intelligence is getting captured. So it can be called as artificial intelligence. For example if I am talking to a person then the application will show the Wikipedia page of that person, recent blog post, Giga OM location.


If you are talking about a dinner party event, mindmeld will list all the nearest restaurant with photos , so there is no need to type and search in google. If I am searching on a search engine, the connecting path between searched term and  final destination is real human intelligence.When group of people get in to conversation, a variety of images are displayed, user has to select the right image,the anticipatory computing will get much smarter over time.  And when you begin chatting, Mindmeld will pull in the most recent Facebook updates for everyone in the group so you can have a look what your mates have been up to. Computers can’t read our minds, at least not yet. However, by paying close attention to all of our inputs and outputs, the information we consume and how we respond when we consume it, anticipatory computing can develop a very close approximation to the inner working of what our mind is telling us to do next. Using mindmeld we can begin to automate the meta data surrounding both physical and digital objects. Mindmeld supports eight users in one group  and also take screenshot of webpages to show your friends while you are in conversation.

Advantages of Mindmeld app

  1. Understands our conversation
  2. Automatically finds relevant information
  3. Helps to share with a single swipe
  4. Organize and archive our thoughts

Final Thought

Technology is developing day by day. Now mobile, computers are in a transitional phase from heartless machine nature to a more flexible human nature. Currently we are touching the surface of it. In the near future we became the slaves of these technology which may work more as –ULTRA HUMAN nature.


Author : Rinju Rajan Date : 02 Sep 2013