Apple acquires Tuplejump – another machine learning company


We need new technologies to handle the huge amounts of data that businesses generate each day. Apple is on a machine learning company buying spree, probably looking at building technologies that is simple to use and scalable. In 2015, Apple acquired Perceptio and the latest on the list is Turi and Tuplejump, an India/US-based machine-learning team.

Terms of the deal are not yet known nor Apple discloses its purpose or plans behind its acquisitions. If sources are to be believed, Apple seems to be interested in “FiloDB”, an opensource project that Tuplejump was building to efficiently apply machine learning concepts and analytics to massive amounts of complex data right as it streams in. Read more.

Apple Inc. acquired Perceptio, a startup developing technology to let companies run advanced artificial intelligence systems on smartphones without needing to share as much user data. Perceptio specializes in developing image-recognition systems using deep learning, an approach to artificial intelligence that lets computers learn to identify and classify sensory input. That fits Apple’s strategy of trying to minimize its usage of customer data and do as much processing as possible on the device.

Apple has been making a broad push into artificial intelligence through an expansion of its Siri personal assistant and related technologies. The reason behind acquiring Turi is probably to make artificial intelligence technology to create Siri-like digital personal assistants capable of having longer conversations.

Author : admin Date : 27 Sep 2016