Apple recommends updating to iOS 9.3.4

Apple recommends updating to iOS 9.3.4

Apple recommends all users to install iOS 9.3.4 to address a memory corruption issue and provide an important security update for your iPhone or iPad. To update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, connect your device to a Mac or PC via USB, or navigate to Settings > General > Software Update on the device itself.

After updating to the new version, iPhone and iPad owners would finally be able to delete pre-loaded apps, like stocks, podcasts, music and maps.

There are lot of fun upgrades like, full-screen special effects such as fireworks to celebrate special occasions. Another feature is a colorful emoticon suggestion to replace words. With better integration with a device’s camera, photos can be included into your texts much quicker than before, and sharing a link in a message will now automatically open up a preview of the website in your chat.

In the new version, it is possible to send hand-written messages for that personal touch when sending a special message, using your finger or a stylus.

Another interesting feature they have introduced is the possibility of sending money through a text message to one of your contacts. Paying a bill is made possible by integrating with payment app such as Apple Pay.

Author : admin Date : 09 Aug 2016