Are you looking for flexibility when you outsource your Development?

In the past 15 years, R&D companies have successfully leveraged off shoring / outsourcing models to strengthen their bottom line and enhance their top line revenue.

However, 69% of these companies report facing major limitations with traditional outsourcing models that include-

–          Low operational flexibility, with little or no direct control Attracting the right talent with high attrition of employees in the captive markets

–          Small and medium companies also face – high total cost of ownership, high set-up costs and less than expected ROI

In addition to these limitations, businesses are also expecting more from their  outsourcing partners in areas as varied as support in product development as they enter new markets or expand their product lines, and sharing risk. They also expect their outsourcing partners to easily deliver to shorter time-lines and increase the speed and quality of communication and decision making.

To meet these expectations and overcome these challenges, the ideal outsourcing partner  should offer:

–          Right talent recruitment and HR management to ensure innovation, productivity and retention

–          Understanding of client business  and culture

–          Expertise in Industry regulations for ease of operations

–          Well established infrastructure, technological resources, processes

–          A risk-revenue sharing model

With Suyati Technologies’ Dedicated Global Team (DGT) you get a dedicated team at lower costs, with improved revenue streams and greater innovation. Leverage Suyati’s DGT flexibly and even make the team your own, via a B-O-T or JV option. Align with and enter India, China and Asia Pacific markets through product customization and positioning. Enter markets faster with nimbler product teams created specifically for the occasion.

The list of things you can do with our flexible team can go on…..…

Read our case studies, or even better, call us to understand how our clients gain more than just another outsourcing team when they choose DGT.

We’re listening.

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Author : Team Suyati Date : 26 Dec 2011