Attitudes are contagious, are yours worth catching?

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At Suyati, we hire the best. Yes, the best. But we are not talking about the best talent. Or the best brains. Or even the best technical expert. We are talking about hiring the best attitude.

Attitude decides altitude, so goes the saying. And why do we think we need the professional with the best attitude?

At Suyati, we facilitate innovative R&D solutions for our clients. We create teams from scratch that can think differently and implement cutting edge solutions. We encourage our team to think within, without, around and/or below the box, if that is what will create a workable solution for our client.

And so it goes without saying that what we need is a mind that welcomes new ideas, but subjects it to rigorous questioning. We need a mind that works well with other minds without imposing or intruding. We need a mind that continually acquires knowledge, but not the arrogance that comes with it. We need a mind that learns from experiences, good or bad. We need a mind that is not afraid to make mistakes and has the confidence to admit it, correct it and move forward.

To cut to the chase, we need a mind that looks beyond education, experience, and title. We need a mind that is nurturing and sharp. And wants to have fun!

So what are the 4 things Suyati looks for in an IT professional? Attitude, attitude, attitude and more attitude. Of the right kind!

About the Author:

With over twenty years of diverse experience in entire gamut of Human Resource Development in multiple industries, Mr. Vincent leads the HR function in Suyati Technologies. In this role, he is Instrumental in devising and implementing policies and strategies for talent acquisition & retention, talent management and development, manpower productivity, employee engagement, career and succession planning, employee communication, compensation, reward, and recognition, institutionalizing family work life balance and fun@ work, performance management systems, and e-Learning. He has worked with diverse industries and enjoys handling complex HR issues, helping management teams across continents in aligning people’s aspiration levels with business objectives. He focuses on HR support to Executive Management and establishing HR as a core value function at ease with organization and people.


Author : pvincent Date : 06 Sep 2010