Azure announces the general availability of on-premises data gateway

azure on-premise data gateway

Microsoft has announced that the on-premises data gateway is now generally available in Azure. Using this gateway, you can securely connect your cloud-based business apps to your on-premises data sources. The on-premises gateway also allows you to move data to and from the cloud, while maintaining your data sources on premises. Currently, this service is available only in Azure Logic apps. Soon the service will be extended to Azure Analysis Services.

New features included in the Azure on-premises data gateway:

  • Support for multiple regions: With this update, gateway admins gain better control over the data gateway settings. While installing the gateway on a local computer, you can now select the region for the service and also choose the Azure Service Bus communication channel to be used along with the gateway installation. Prior to this update, the region was defaulted based on your Azure Active Directory tenant’s location. Now, all the existing gateways will be moved to match the original location of your tenant. Moreover, this update will not affect any of the currently running Azure Logic apps.
  • Delete gateway connection resource in Azure: Another feature is the provision to delete your gateway connection resource in Azure. You can connect it to a different Azure resource. Azure is also planning to launch a feature to delete the gateway installation soon.
  • New connectors for Azure Logic Apps: Microsoft is adding new connectors that will support on-premises data sources for Azure Logic apps. The connectors will also support Oracle EBS and PostgreSQL. These new connectors are in addition to the two connectors that were released a month ago, MySQL and Teradata.

A point to note:

When you select a region for the gateway installation, remember that you can’t change the region after installation. If you want to change, you need to uninstall the gateway and reinstall. The selected region will define as well as restrict the location where you can create the Azure resource needed for your gateway connection. While creating gateway connection resource in Azure, it is advisable to choose the location selected for installation, so that, you can easily select your gateway from the list of installed gateways. 

Author : Bhuvana Date : 08 May 2017