5 must-have credentials for a B2B ecommerce framework


The e-commerce market today is in a constant state of flux and entrepreneurs are finding themselves at the core of big technology decisions to further their business goals. Store owners are at the verge of making important choices concerning issues like where to host the store, identifying the right mode to sell their products, and most importantly, choosing the optimal ecommerce platform to run their business. Adding the dynamic demands of the customer to this equation makes the ecommerce environment a challenging playground.

Functions of a B2B website

A B2B website should work persuasively and consistently to win over businesses, whether new or from competition. This means that the website should cater to the customer, both in terms of the look and feel; it should be user-friendly and be replete with information.

Let us now explore individual credentials that a B2B website must have to fare well in the realm of ecommerce.

1. Strong Security Protocols

The security protocols and policies of an ecommerce website play a vital role in enabling safe financial transactions. A B2B platform has to be endowed with a secure payment gateway, PCI compliance and SSL certificate. This adds credibility and makes for better business value as well since it builds trust for your customers to do business with you.

NopCommerce is a great open-source ecommerce solution that is equipped with customization capabilities for fraud protection or monitoring for DDoS attacks, and other such optional packages. Its uncomplicated admin control panel allows one-page checkout, integrates with third-party sites, and supports multiple online stores.

In addition, instead of insisting on credit card payments, customers should be offered the convenience of using a payment mode they prefer – this could be a company credit card or a purchase order, or any other mode they have access to. Flexible payment methods will naturally bring in more business customers to a B2B site.

2. Simple Navigation

The rules for a B2B website are not different from the others – which means an intuitive, user-friendly interface is a must-have. NopCommerce offers a simple, user-friendly graphical user interface which is both responsive and compatible across several platforms. With a single admin access control, NopCommerce can be maneuvered quite efficiently on both desktop and mobile versions.

3. Being mobile-ready

Mobile responsiveness is an important feature in today’s ecommerce space. B2B organizations are adapting to the “mobile first” approach in designing their marketing strategies. If you want to attract buyers, it is essential to choose a platform that is mobile-friendly and helps you plan for mobile as well as social commerce, which involves using social media influences to market your store.

4. Being Search-engine friendly

NopCommerce is optimized for high visibility and rankings in search engines; hence it lets site owners create customized URLs for their websites for refined search results.  Additional tags on each product with appropriate keywords make for increased lookup. Well-supported by both XML and HTML sitemaps, NopCommerce allows search engines to easily locate pages within a site. To improve site visibility, NopCommerce supports social meta tags. Its integration with Google Analytics allows site owners to keep track of site performance and make timely enhancements.

5. Social Commerce

Now that we are in the age of social and digital, it makes better business sense for organizations to allow consumers to shop for their products directly from their preferred social media networks instead of having to exit the site to access the shopping cart. This integration between and e-commerce portal and social media is an important feature you need to look for in a B2B platform. NopCommerce provides an online store interface that is loads on any device and in any resolution. It offers clear and up-to-date responsive design for both frontend and admin area.

Author : Saranya Balachandran Date : 19 Oct 2017