Bag qualified leads with Pardot Marketing Automation

Technological advances have changed the way the markets function. It is not uncommon for marketing messages to be subdued in the overcrowded e-marketplace of today. Companies and marketers have to expend more and more time, money, and resources towards engaging and sustaining customers. Increasing marketing costs mean increased product prices. In this chaotic scenario, automated marketing brings relief to marketers and their clients. Pardot Marketing Automation helps engage customers, personalize sales messages and sustain customers.

What is Pardot Marketing Automation

pardot marketing automation

According to a report, Pardot is among the top net gainers in terms of clientele. Pardot Automated Marketing software turns visitors to customers by using a combination of several tools including web forms and tracking to identify responders to online campaigns. Data on campaigns is recorded and responses from individuals are monitored. The software assigns scores to individual interactions based on time spent on the site and on selected pages. For example, a visitor who spends more time browsing product implementation would be given a higher score than a visitor who merely views the abbreviated product descriptions. Form submissions are graded higher than simply exploring implementation. Data entered into forms is also recorded and analyzed. In this manner Pardot Marketing Automation helps you identify new market segments based on new classification of prospects. You get to know your customers’ likes and dislikes and you can then meet the requirements by providing each customer with just what he needs.

Here is what Pardot can do for your business:

Customized Landing

With Pardot, you can customize your visitors’ landing on your website. There is no need to be an expert on HTML or hire a professional. You can simply use the templates provided by Pardot and use their visual editor. You can link the pages to your marketing campaigns and send leads to sales persons once the visitor completes a form on your website. The software records data such as date and time of landing and time of exit, which can be used to assess the level of interest of visitors to your site.

Customized Search

You can create a whole search web of your own by connecting your Pardot page to Google Adwords. This connection lets you track how your customers landed on your page and plot your revenue sources. You can also analyze the points of interest and complain by associating certain queries with certain prospects.

Customize Conversions

The ability to customize your landing page helps you research your marketing options. You can experiment with different versions of your landing page and select the best. You have the freedom to create as many versions as you like and vary any or all of the components such as heading, images, and forms. This type of flexibility allows you to test all aspects of the landing page and optimize your page to engage any or all your visitors.

Customized Emails

Pardot has more than 30 built-in email templates to help you quickly customize your message to your prospects. A little bit of HTML can go a long way in giving your potential customers a full-blown brand experience. You can also schedule your emails to go at the precise moment when they are likely to be most effective. Auto-responders to those visitors who complete forms on your site, is an added advantage.

Easy Market Segmentation

You can create and maintain market segment lists with Pardot. Your marketing campaigns can then target specific groups of customers and prospects tailoring your content, emails and other aspects to your target needs. Pardot collects buyer data, which you can use to segment your markets and focus your marketing efforts.

Quick Change

Pardot’s marketing automation tool is flexible and allows you to make quick changes to your content, emails, and forms. You can gather data through various versions of customized forms. Emails to prospects and customers can be quickly changed to make them more personalized and focused on customer needs. You can change your web content based on customer profiles you create from data gathered through form completion.

SPAM Control

Pardot provides you with a Spam Analysis Tool that ensures that your email reaches its proper destination. The tool shows how your email would look across browsers and other email clients. Automated email authentication allows prospects and customers to send emails from their own domains. Pardot’s email delivery system ensures that your reputation is not tarnished.

Email Testing

Similar to your landing page, you can test different versions of your emails and record data to ensure that your emails are designed to target your customers’ needs. You can change various elements of your email and monitor response to decide what works best. Real time testing data for emails can be viewed and automated to send the best email to your list of recipients once your testing is complete.

Build Your Own Campaign

You can customize just about every aspect of the Pardot Automated Marketing Tool. To do this you need not be a skilled programmer. Each aspect of the tool is menu driven with graphic representation. WYSIWYG tools allow you to easily customize everything within the tool and view the recorded data. You can then analyze the data and tailor your campaign based on customer response.  Your entire marketing campaign is encapsulated into a single software that allows you to understand and meet the demands of your customer.

The world of internet has flattened the globe. While this is a great benefit of the internet, this has also created a new “gold rush” where manufacturers, retailers, professionals, and others vie with one another to sell their products and services. The competition is tough and emerging on top is no easy feat. With Pardot Marketing Automation tool, you can surge ahead and meet your customers at no extra cost.

Author : Prerna Date : 28 Jul 2015