Benefits of Mobile e-Commerce

The future of the Retail Industry definitely depends on innovation. Ecommerce turned the entire world into a global marketplace. Today Mobile ecommerce is bringing that marketplace closer.  With over 300,000 mobile apps and 10.9 billion downloads (in 2010, with 76 billion estimated for 2014), it is evident that most businesses want to try a hand with Mobile Application Development. So what do Smartphones Apps have to offer for the retail industry? Here are some answers:

Wider reach:

Mobile apps have the advantage of providing a bigger appeal as consumers carry their smartphones wherever they go, and hence the opportunity for location based marketing and sales.

Convenient Shopping:

With integrated payment solutions, apps make for One Touch Shopping anywhere and at any time. If support functions are also integrated into apps, then it becomes a one-stop solution for sales as well as services.

Cost Effective:

Building an App and maintaining it is much easier and cost effective as compared to a website and other selling points where the customer interacts with a brand or a list of brands.

Competitive edge:

Providing mulitple channels for information and sale will provide a definite competitive edge for your business.

Mobile Commerce has started gaining more importance than ever and it would only be wise for retail companies to ride this wave. If you are on the lookout for a partner to help you leverage your online business through Mobile Applications specific to retail, then do connect with Suyati Technologies. Our proficient developers experienced in free source, mobility and cloud computing applications will help you get the best solution for your company.


Author : admin Date : 23 Sep 2012