Merits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

What are the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Among all the Enterprise Cloud Commerce available in the world, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best. In July this year, Salesforce had acquired Demandware and renamed it as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Demandware and Salesforce merged, and it has been a smooth journey, as both work towards achieving the same goal, to empower companies to deliver a consistent brand experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

Advantages of Commerce Cloud

  • It helps in creating new ways for customers to discover, research, and buy products — all in one branded, mobile, and social environment.
  • Commerce Cloud can support the entire journey, right from brand engagement, purchase transaction, servicing the customer needs, and help them to share experience through communities.
  • Having a predictive commerce platform combined with company’s new Einstein layer of artificial intelligence (embedded throughout Salesforce’s platform), enables personalized product recommendation for shoppers, and offers Commerce Insights to help in physical and online store planning. Predictive sort is a new feature that studies the search, sorts the results based on it, and suggests choices.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?


  • With Content Delivery Network (CDN), all amazing experiences and rich content can now reach customers much faster.
  • Delivers a comprehensive digital commerce experience to customers through e-commerce websites, and an automated and unified digital experience between online and offline world.
  • Commerce cloud provides a business manager application to assist in managing product catalogs, promotions, inventory, pricing, and thus increase productivity.
  • Well-connected to AppExchange, it also provides a New Apple Pay integration, which enables secure, one-touch checkout for web and mobile web payments.
  • It has a mobile first responsive design, once built; it works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.
  • As all the integrations are done using Open API’s, it is available for building mobile apps and integrating with third party apps.
  • Commerce Cloud is a unified platform that works well across all channels i.e. mobile, social, web and physical store, across all geographies. This platform provides multi-site, multi-language and multi- currency support and therefore grows and scales up your business.
  • Single view of all customers enables complete understanding of customers online and in-store. Commerce Cloud allows integrated order capture, omnichannel order management and customer service capabilities.
  • Other features include, visual drag and drop merchandising, A/B testing and search engine optimization, which optimizes site discoverability and conversion.
  • This trusted global infrastructure is a perfect foundation for continuous innovation model.

In short, the three main commerce cloud advantages are faster innovation, predictive commerce and unified experience.

Author : Seethal V Pius Date : 14 Oct 2016