Big Data and Social Data will decide the Next US President

US President

In 2008, social data was the driving force behind US Presidential elections and in 2012, the driver was Big Data. So what will be the major trigger for 2016 elections? Undoubtedly, 2016 Presidential elections will be determined by the combination of Big Data and Social Data.

2008 saw the rise of social media as a key influencer among people, when the public started voicing their opinions through Facebook, Twitter and other channels. This trend boosted the global discussions and acted as a major deciding factor in the 2008 elections.

2012 witnessed the emergence of political data science and big data. Data-driven campaigning flourished in 2012. Pollsters and campaigners used to gather opinions on each candidate, drew cross-state comparisons and drafted campaigns. 2012 was one of the tedious elections in the history of the US, and the reason- Big Data. Through targeted messaging and digital behavior tracking, Barack Obama was able to book his berths successfully.

Social influence, mobile data and CRM assets can impact the campaign results if harnessed quickly and effectively. Big data algorithms help campaigners to better target consumers based on their online social interactions. Social data, mobile geolocation data and CRM data can stimulate campaigns delivered online.

Recent studies reveal that more than 10 billion sharing occurs each month on social media. This figure points towards the fact that big data is getting generated every second with each like and share, around the globe with mobile (portable) devices. Marketers are finding new methods to churn this data to bring in a seamless user experience across channels and touch points, and devices.

Advertising and marketing are now becoming extremely data-centric and social data considerably changes our approach towards marketing. The elegant mix of social data, big data, and targeting will be the major kingmaker of 2016 US elections.

Author : admin Date : 12 Aug 2016