Big time changes you can expect from Windows 8

windows 8With the launch of its latest OS avatar christened Windows 8, Microsoft seems to have finally understood the need for a complete makeover of its OS development philosophy. Windows 8 employs a design and operating environment that has not been visible in any of Microsoft’s previous ventures. Let us take a look at the things to note in the new OS.

Windows 8 is an evolved OS and is not akin to what you have been using until now. Before taking Windows 8 to a fully fledged office environment for deployment, it is wise to train your employees to use it. The concept of file and folders, desktop arrangement, etc is all history and the OS paves way for a new tile based interface which makes it a bit confusing for first time users.

Though visibly unnoticeable, Windows 8 is a far more secure Operating System as compared to its predecessors. Microsoft claims to have incorporated security features that safeguard your PC from several malicious attacks, makes web browsing and browser extensions more secure and much more.

One of the biggest stories to have come up along with the launch of the new OS is the growing popularity of Windows’s own App Store. This is Microsoft’s answer to the likes of Apple and Google. Even though the App store of Microsoft is not overflowing with apps like its key rivals, it is catching up fast.

Thus Windows 8 packs in a lot of excitement and Microsoft aims to make computing a whole new experience with its latest OS.

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Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 23 Nov 2012