So long. And thanks for all the fish!

I can’t write this blog. I can’t seem to finish this. But I have to write this farewell blog. I have to. It hurts. But the time has come to say “Good Bye” to Suyati.

I can’t stop thinking of all the projects I have been involved in, all the amazing experiences and opportunities I was given, all the issues we faced and overcame together. Those moments when we put our heads together to solve a problem. Those moments when we celebrated a job well done. All those occasions are flashing through my mind.

It’s been 2 years since I joined this family. To be very precise, I stepped into this organization on 27th December 2011. It has been the most eventful and fruitful 2 years of my life. I wrote code, earned certifications, fixed bugs, did presentations, wrote blogs, attended numerous meetings, cracked jokes, laughed till my stomach hurt, cried, broke up with my girlfriend, became depressed, hosted a webinar, took interviews, fought with friends,.. And here I am, the god-fearing, reactive, sensitive person leaving all the memories with a heavy heart.


I recollect the moment when my best friend Laxmi told me “Bis, you have changed a lot!” Being part of Suyati was literally a life-changing experience for me. It wasn’t just because of the work culture or the great people that I came across here. It’s also about the values that Suyati as an organization possesses. I always admire the positive values that our ‘Big Boss’ instills in the organization.

I have grown both professionally and personally throughout the journey. I was lucky enough to work with the development team, content team as well as the marketing team. It was like meeting and being with those people who made footprints in my heart. I just can’t express my gratitude to my colleagues through words. And when I say I am going to miss you guys, I mean it.

I am truly proud that I have made friends for life here. And we will definitely stay in touch both personally and professionally. I wish good luck to Suyati for all its future endeavors. I don’t think we say Good Bye when we leave home, do we?
So, see you again!

Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 27 Feb 2014