I cannot follow a dress code. Without my Bermudas, I will not be creative

I cannot follow a dress code. Without my Bermudas, I will not be creative
– MCA graduate, Rajagiri School of Social Sciences, Kalamassery.

Our HR Director, Vincent, had an interesting time dealing with Gen Z at the Industry Interactive Session for MCA graduates held at Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kalamassery on December 10. When he pointed out the ins and outs of the IT industry, opinions varied to such an extent that the audience as well as Vincent was kept alert, and in good humor.

The session started with a brief introduction of Suyati Technologies, followed by a brainstorming session for the students. The entire student batch was divided into 9 groups, and each group was given one question to think through and discuss. The questions ranged from their choice of IT as profession, to some thought-provoking queries on retirement planning.

These are some smart kids. They have varied opinions on everything, and are not afraid to voice them! I think the future of our IT industry will be bright in the hands of this young generation,” voiced Vincent after the interactive session.

The HR Director also gave five golden rules for a hi-flying career:-

  • Make reading a habit
  • Have passion towards your profession
  • Have an analytical mind throughout your career
  • Be humble
  • Keep updated about the latest technology

Coming back to the title, the whole story of the bermuda started when Vincent explained the need for improving communication skills, the importance of English as a global language, as well as the need of discipline and dress code. With massive crowd support, ‘the bermuda boy’ stood up and stated that he does not believe in a dress code. Vincent replied with panache,”As long as you are creative, I don’t mind you coming to the office wearing a Bermuda”.

He also happened to meet some aspiring entrepreneurs who dreamed of starting something of their own. When Vincent promised whole-hearted support to their creative ideas, they were very excited, and passed on their ideas to him.

When it was time for the Q & A session, one smart student asked whether the HR Director has himself planned for his retirement! To a huge round of applause from the students, Vincent replied – “After 52, I will be sitting at home doing agriculture in my own place. I know that I will be happy doing it with my family.”

These industry interactive sessions aim at giving exposure to students about the industry they will be stepping into over the next 3-4 months. Here’s wishing all the students great success in their chosen career paths.

Author : Jeena Maggie James Date : 30 Dec 2013