Cloud-based Telematics: Driving your vehicle into the cloud

Cloud based Telematics

GPS aided navigation in automobiles may soon become old school as it will not be the only, or the latest, automated solution available for your vehicle.

A new age cloud based vehicle management system is already on the cards with top manufacturers of automobiles and top brass in the IT industry working together to enrich the use of Telematics in automotives.

Over the past few years, Telematics has turned out to be an important addition to automotive applications. It has succeeded in adding more options to normal onboard vehicle navigation and guidance systems. It has also paved the way for vehicle as well as fleet owners to engage in smarter communication within and between their vehicles.

And a cloud based vehicle management system, brings with it a host of additional possibilities. Below are a few:

1. Information and access control to your vehicle could be made available on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Think of this; you could actually unlock, switch on and off your vehicle with just a touch on your smartphone! You could get real time updates on traffic congestions, weather forecasts, etc helping you plan your journey accordingly. Smarter routing, driving alerts, would assist preventing collisions and accidents on road.

2. Coming to in-vehicle entertainment, the cloud service could help you stream your favorite music/video onto your car just as you would on your smartphone or computer.

3. As far as fleet operators are concerned, they could get valuable real time information such as driver behavior, fuel efficiency, location and navigation routes, estimated time of arrival, etc. These cloud based services will have interfaces for both data aggregation from the vehicle and display of data to the manager or fleet owner, thus facilitating improved visibility into the transportation business.

So with all these prospects in hand, Telematics is poised to become one of the most anticipated cloud based services in the near future.

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Author : admin Date : 08 Oct 2012