Cloud Based Unified Communication in Today’s Enterprises



In today’s fast paced world, enterprises need every competitive advantage they can get. More than anything else, increased connectivity has given rise to the need for excellent communication skills, lest they risk losing out on any opportunities that can further their growth. Unified Communication (UC) gives enterprises the advantage of using their solutions to increase the productivity of their workers and help give their customers a better experience. Simply put, UC has been lauded as the fastest growing IT mechanism in the corporate world as it allows for people to keep in touch, share data and work together more effectively regardless of geographical parameters.

While not all enterprises are on the same page in the implementation of the cloud, the undeniable truth is that in the next decade, no company can do without it. In order for an organization to be placed on the right growth trajectory, they need an optimal blend of cloud services and adequate infrastructural components. The core advantages a company has to offer by using the cloud:

  • Collaboration – It allows for organizations to let their employees work together freely barring any geographical boundaries.
  • Mobility – It permits employees to access information from almost everywhere, allowing them to work from almost anywhere. This is a cost effective way of getting the best of your employees.
  • Integration – UC allows for the integration of their solutions into third party applications for optimal process implementation.
  • Medium of choice – UC solutions allow for companies to choose how they would like to get feedback from their clients through a plethora of choices, for example – voicemail, email, and so on.

If you are still reading this and wondering if the time is right for you to convert to the cloud, here are several ways you could benefit by making the switch:

Boon to entrepreneurs

Anyone who has started off on their own will testify to how capital intensive it can be. In this day and age where an office space and a healthy work environment can be created from almost anywhere, UC comes as a boon to entrepreneurs. It allows for easy implementation of technology from any geographical location at an affordable cost.

Increased mobility

When offices are remote, it is imperative that all the company personnel should have access to the data they need as well as the same phone devices. Implementation of a UC device will ensure better accessibility from any location – on-site or off-site. A corporate will also have monitoring mechanisms at their fingertips to ensure optimal productivity.

Trust and reliability

Hosted UC servers are data centers with high levels of encryption and security measures. It allows for 24/7 monitoring of all systems and keeps the communications of a company insulated from disasters. Since the data is backed up in different locations, there is no chance of any loss or hacking, making it a fool proof option.

Easy to customize

It gives an organization the liberty to choose and pick from a host of applications to find one that best suits their needs and requirements. There is one end goal for any organization – to keep their customers happy and UC allows them to integrate different applications if necessary to allow for that.

Quick and easy disaster recovery

Gone are the days when all data had to be physically stored and one mitigated disaster would cause a major setback to any corporate. UC allows for companies to set up a disaster back up plan where all their data is stored in an offsite location, and in the unfortunate event of any disaster, business continuity is not disrupted. In addition, allowing the data to be accessed from anywhere ensures you are in constant contact with your employees and customers even during a crisis.

Lesser operational costs

It can often be difficult to predict change in the trends of the industry, and changing any physical infrastructure to meet them can be a little hard on the pocket. However, with UC costs, it is far more manageable and it lends way for better financial flexibility. For a business to bring changes in their UC applications their cost upfront is often minimal and calculated based on the features that are being used in the system. This makes the prediction of operational expenses far easier.

Easier transition of operations

If applications have to be updated on site, a great deal of time is taken to adequately train the IT staff and may often mandate the purchase of new equipment and hiring of specialized staff at all of the sites. This will take a great deal of time and money. However, unified communication will allow new features and updates to be done from a centralized location, thereby considerably reducing cost, time and effort and yet achieving the same result!

Collaboration and increased productivity

A UC application allows users to access information anytime, anywhere and on any device. This means, your employees will have access to all the data they need to efficiently do their job. It allows them to freely interact with each other, set up conferences (both offline and online), share documents and ideas and work together regardless of any physical boundaries. It also allows organizations and their employees to engage productively with their customers. Not only will it allows employees to work constructively together – it creates an amicable corporate environment and increased customer satisfaction.

Creation of a hybrid application

It is not in the best interest of every corporate to take their operations and data online. Unified communication allows for any organization to blend offsite as well as onsite applications for flexibility and reliability. For example, if an organization wants to develop a disaster recovery strategy, a hybrid solution could be best suited as it covers all bases. Additionally, a blended approach will allow you to use your existing hardware and updated software, thereby protecting your investment, yet not compromising on operational efficiency.

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Author : Spathika Ram Date : 18 Jan 2016