“Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” — Bill Gates

Gone are the days when programmers were paid  based on the number of lines they coded. Gone also are the days when businesses paid vendors based on the same. The mantra in today’s age seems to be “Less is More.”

Cloud computing is quickly making businesses rethink before they invest heavily in infrastructure, people, and technology.  Everything is a service aimed at reducing a company’s resource management headaches.  This concept is rapidly revolutionizing the IT world as we know it.

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In cloud computing, everything is abstract where the architecture is SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). Multi-tenancy is the keyword. The definition of multi-tenancy is as follows:

“Most cloud services are multi-tenant, either at the software layer, the infrastructure layer, or both. This means that a single instance of software, and the computer platform it runs on, serves multiple clients from different companies. Although the resources in the cloud are shared, cloud providers are expected to have access controls and other security in place to provide a protected environment for each user.”

 -Source: Cloud Computing For Dummies, HP Special Edition (Page 4)

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Take the example of a rubber band. It can hold together 10 pens or 5 pens. Similarly, in the cloud, it does not matter if the service can be utilized by 10 clients or 5 clients. Each client pays a fee to the service provider for the service. The client benefits as there is cost-sharing. Cloud computing is much more dynamic with less customization and is not contract based.  Cloud computing is thus presenting a solution to cash-strapped business who have to adopt newer technology and solutions to increase growth.

The cloud vendor provides security for the data, makes available additional infrastructure as and when necessary, and hosts it at a viable economic consideration. Yes, the customer is still king and cloud computing is one of the most customer-friendly technology initiatives to hit the market.

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Author : Shine Date : 12 Nov 2010