Cloud computing has nothing to do with the weather!

A recent survey by Citrix revealed that despite being one of the most revolutionary IT concepts in recent years, nearly one-third of Americans still believe that cloud is related to weather and not to technology. This lack of awareness in a way does affect usage of cloud based services as users do not find it secure or do not know how it affects their data. Interestingly, the same survey reported that nearly 95 percent of those surveyed have in fact used the services of cloud in the form of online banking, online shopping, file and photo sharing, etc.

It is quite funny to note that many believe that cloud computing is a weather-based technology that would be severely affected in the wake of a storm or rough weather. Many even said that the cloud is the office of the future but they do not realize that it is indeed the core of today’s new generation workspaces.

Cloud computing is no longer just a concept and is widely implemented across nearly every business and social sphere where technology has a say. From IT workstations to healthcare and Government protocols, everything is getting ported to a cloud environment. Businesses whether big or small can benefit economically if they shift to cloud based operations. The cloud should be seen as a catalyst for business growth. There is no need to worry about the security and safety of information residing on the cloud as today cloud services have the benefit of being hosted in some of the most advanced fault tolerant and secure infrastructure available.

So it is time to let go of those misconceptions about the cloud and use it to benefit your business. If you are stuck wondering how you can use the cloud to your benefit, then allow Suyati Technologies to step in. We will help you find the right cloud based solution for your business and help you tide over the storm!

Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 26 Sep 2012