The role of cloud computing in apparel industry


In last three years, Cloud computing has gained prominence as a computing system offered through internet. In textile industry, it is providing useful services to simplify business operations.

Cloud computing is in a stage of progress wherein applications, business course of action, computing infrastructure can be delivered as a service to the end user whenever and wherever it is needed. It is easy to install and is a flexible application. Organizations will no longer need to invest in maintaining assets like servers, internal software and storage systems. This would considerably reduce the IT investments cost and save valuable time.

To promote the efficiency in an apparel industry, functions like production planning, raw material management, costing, processing the orders, sampling, monitoring the preparation of order and final delivery of the products, can all now be accessed from anywhere at any time, using cloud computing. Read more.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an application introduced by Cloud computing system which is widely used in the apparel and fashion industry to get a virtual view of actual environment through computer generated applications. Many such applications can be introduced through Cloud computing in the future.

Author : admin Date : 16 Sep 2016