How Cloud Technology Fuels Digital Transformation

Cloud is becoming a critical game-changer in enterprises and is also serving as a major resource and catalyst for promoting more effective dialog between the businesses and IT.

IT services and business services are converging in a big way. The cloud accelerates and even facilitates digital transformation by:

  • Driving new workflows and efficiencies
  • Enabling customized collaboration tools specialized for the tasks on hand, accessible from anywhere and facilitating innovation
  • Businesses leverage cloud to pioneer new digital based services and business models, for example- Uber
  • Offering flexibility and ability to experiment and optimize the performance of operations and applications easily
  • Shift in cost structure from capex to opex costs, allowing enterprises to cope with the market, and reacting in its own time – as with any new technological plan


Cloud is a critical game-changer in industries, rather as an enabler.  Digital transformation can be a challenging journey for a business, but the right tools and approach helps the business compete effectively in an increasingly connected world. To attain digital precision, enterprises require strengths that include analytics capabilities, asset and configuration management capabilities, security management, demand and availability management among other capacities.

How is cloud fueling digital transformation initiatives in enterprises? Check out this infographic to know more.


Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 18 Oct 2016