CMS 2015: Key Essentials that will Spell Success for your Business – Part II

cms trends 2015In Part I of this two-part series on CMS essentials, we discovered five essentials that will benefit business performance and reap ample profits. The list does not end there and in Part II, we bring you the rest of the essentials that will enhance the performance of your business in 2015 and keep it top notch!

Web CMS is today considered as the spine of a company’s presence on the internet. The platform has been useful in reaching out to a large audience within a short span of time. Content Management Systems are today the most vital aspects of effective businesses and most enterprises greatly benefit from it too. Businesses utilize CMS in order to create and publish content on the internet. Since its evolution, CMS has seen a constant and consistent growth and acceptance in the market.

As a conclusion to the two-part series, here’s the remaining list of key CMS essentials for 2015. If you missed the first part of the series, click here.

6)      Creating a CMS Strategy

CMS was initiated to harbor creativity and build on information and content so as to be approachable and liked by its audience. In 2015, it is imperative that developers focus more on strategizing their content through CMS, rather than merely use CMS as a blogging tool for data that is not meaningful. Get your CMS providers to help you gain a better insight into the performance of your business. This will aid in the development of a content strategy that is not just exceptional but heeds to your business requirements in 2015.

7)      Parallel development of CMS with technology

Fortunately for businesses in today’s market, CMSs are on a constant evolution and easily adapt to changes, upgrades and improvements in technology. CMSs are evolving to become more user-friendly, creative and meaningful. And as it has always been one of the most widely used options to reach out to a large multitude, businesses can enhance their reach and engage with the end user through open source optimization. Ensuring that your CMS is in constant advancement with the ever-growing technology will keep you ahead in the race.

8)      Open source optimization and increased importance of content developers

Fortunately for developers, creation of CMSs that can be easily customized in order to serve the purpose of the business requirement is now an easy possibility. A CMS mainly focuses on publishing content online. In 2015, developers will need to focus not only on the development of a CMS that publishes online content, but a CMS that will also be extremely customizable and readily accessible on demand. Developers can cooperatively work towards achieving this goal with the use of reliable open-source software expansion, thus creating a CMS that will address a larger set of prerequisites.

CMSs were initially looked at as mere content publishing tools. Developers now need to lay focus on providing content creators with more control over the content. Rather than being just a blogging platform, CMSs need strategizing and designing to encompass an end to end digital experience. The fact that content creators want complete creative freedom and access to the content they create and publish; developers will have to oblige and adhere to these demands. Starting 2015, along with displaying an increase in their accessibility via open-source, CMSs will also demonstrate a higher ability for customization.

9)      Focus on development and design of content

Being a strategic business advantage in 2015, content must not just be personalized; businesses also need to sustain authorizing and publishing standards. The fact that content is considered as the USP of most businesses, it is imperative that CMS developers ensure they devise strategies that encompass the ability to reuse content and also design content that is accessible to the audience via various devices. It is imperative that content developers focus on content creation that is designed to enable interactivity with the end user.

10) Emergent technologies and enhanced integration

With the various initiatives around content creation, content delivery and content management, it is vital for developers to include the latest technologies in the development of a reliable CMS. This will not only enhance the customers’ experience but will also give content creators the option of presenting information and data in newer and more innovative style.

CMSs are not just a digital representation of one’s business or just a point of information. Customers now look for information that is relevant to them and hunt for an interactive experience with the enterprise. CMS developers need to see this not as a challenge but as an opportunity to design a Content Management System that is well integrated with other management systems for its smooth functioning. Adoption of this strategy is likely to bring improvements on this front.

11)      Multiple channel content access

With the exponential growth in technology, people can now access and view content through multiple channels that include computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. CMSs need to be designed to function on all such devices and must encompass the desired flexibility to run across all channels without any glitches. 2015 is likely to see an even wider range of internet devices. This means that businesses have to deal with the challenge of a CMS that is compatible with each of these devices. It will be fruitful to devise a strategy that allows you to reuse content on multiple channels, so that you do not have to create or develop separate content for separate devices. This will aid in targeting and reaching out to your audience without any unwarranted hindrances.


In 2015, emphasis must be laid on the recognition of CMS beyond the usual, as CMS will not only be considered a platform for content creators to update blogs on various topics, subjects or news items, but also as one that will include enhanced interactivity and flexibility in its use. Content creators must empower themselves to write, compose, edit and publish content seamlessly, at the same time ensuring that the organization’s content strategies are laid out optimally.

2014 saw various modifications taken up by enterprises considering CMS and content creators. While continuing with the trend will assure success and prosperity when dealing with competitors, with all the CMS essentials mentioned in this series in place, enterprises are likely to see more user friendly CMSs that will greatly enhance their visibility among their customers and prospects in 2015.

Author : Stanley Anto Date : 28 Jan 2015