Coveo for Salesforce and the changing nature of Search

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Today’s customers, be it external or internal, are hard-pressed to process relevant insights from the tons of information at their disposal. However, they also prefer self-service. Rather than take the trouble to reach out to a customer service representative, ask a question, and wait, only to risk getting a vague or even wrong answer, they would rather research what they want by themselves. Contacting the customer support team is the last item on their list, obviously to be resorted to when things go horribly wrong.

A simple search, which lists out pages of links, no longer fits the bill. An indicator of this effect is the increased investment in search. A study by Hexa Reports estimates the global enterprise search market to touch $5.02 billion by 2020, with 65% of customers preferring self-research over other means.

How Salesforce is Upping its Game with Coveo

Coveo is a pioneer of intelligent search technology, having launched Coveo AI in 2015.

Coveo infuses its search capabilities with artificial intelligence. The free Coveo for Salesforce will enhance search on Salesforce Community and App clouds, and thereby enable users to find content in an easier way than before. The advanced and powerful search capabilities offer insight into what users seek, on-the-fly, without having to put much effort.

Key Features of Coveo for Salesforce

The following are the key features of the Coveo for Salesforce AI-powered search engine, which contribute to its powerful and proactive nature, and offer a load of benefits to users and the enterprise alike.

Machine Learning

The core of Artificial Intelligence is machine learning. Coveo’s advanced and deep intelligence gathering capability makes it easy for enterprise analysts to identify patterns, and successful outcomes, enabling them to orchestrate better search results and ultimately offer users better success in their self-service endeavors. Coveo’s Machine Learning capabilities also power type-ahead search, content recommendations, and the proactive features that make search easy.

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Powerful Analytics

Coveo for Salesforce offers rich analytics to analyze content gaps, track performance metrics and also case deflection metrics.The deep analytic capabilities make explicit how people behave on websites, apps, communities, and other places, and deliver information on what they seek, when they want the required content, what they do not want, and several other crucial insights. Usage Analytics also enable companies to engage in a spiral of continuous learning, and improve with earn iteration. 


Coveo for Salesforce offers a rich user interface, flexible enough to adapt to different tastes, preferences, and situations. It is possible to store relevant metadata in various custom fields, and display it in search interfaces.

The Interface Editor available with the open source JavaScript search UI in Lightning and Salesforce Visualforce components come with easy drag-and-drop tools, and allow users to customize all aspects of the search experience. The net result is highly customized faceted search, customizable result templates, and configurable tabs, with a user interface matching the aesthetics of the site.

Deep Personalization

Coveo Search pipelines make it possible to configure rules such as synonyms and featured results, and also write generic rules to boost certain type of content based on metadata, all of which further the cause of personalized search. 

Users have already started applying Coveo for Salesforce in several and innovative use-cases that extend beyond customer service and support. For instance, HR communities are using Coveo for Salesforce to search resumes of candidates, and alumni portals of universities. 

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The Road Ahead

Enterprises have until now been grossly underutilizing the capabilities offered by the search functionality. The adoption of artificial intelligence enables enterprises to cope with both the rising magnitude and the rising volume of content. For instance, to make graphical images, audio, and video files searchable in Coveo is the obvious next-in-line improvement. Offering non-textual query types, such as the use of an example image or video segment is also an imminent improvement, and such developments would transform search into another dimension altogether, unlocking several new possibilities.

Coveo for Salesforce is now available free on the Salesforce AppExchange, for Salesforce Community and AppClouds.

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Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 31 May 2017