“My dog ate my blog” and other crazy excuses CEOs use to not blog

Let’s face it. The last thing on a typical CEO’s to-do list is to hunker down and write a blog. Between strategizing and worrying about growing, how can they take time off to blog? And do they need to?

suyati blogging session
At Suyati, we have a SuyatiSTEP program that introduces interns (fresh engineering graduates), through a bunch of session that extend over a month, to topics as varied as open source, OOPS and Scrum to email etiquette and blogging. As Subin and I were holding forth on the need to blog, our CEO Mukund Krishna walked in. Notorious for shying away from the blogging limelight (though he is pretty active on social media), we put him on the spot right away and asked him why he does not blog often.

“I don’t have the time.” Standard reply to a standard question. Is time the main reason why only less than 1/3rd of Fortune 500 CEOs blog? On the other hand, they already have their hands full leading their company? Do they really need to blog? Can’t their in-house blogging experts do it for them?

The debate rages (watch this video on Forbes). Naysayers want the CEOs to focus on bringing home the bacon, while evangelists want CEOs to portray the human face of their company through their blogs and social communication. However, everyone agrees that a carefully thought out and authentic social and blog strategy will “strengthen brands and communicate accountability”. But until today’s CEOs get to that state, excuses rule the roost.

I present (tongue-in-cheek, of course) SEVEN of the top CEOs in the corporate world today, and the excuses they use to not blog.

  1. Warren Buffett: I am too busy making money. (With just 2 tweets, Buffett has more than half a million followers though!)
  2. Bill Gates: I am too busy spreading the money I made. (Good excuse though – His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has an asset trust endowment of $40.2 billion, and I doubt he will have the time to blog any time soon.)
  3. Steve Jobs (God Bless His Soul) – I blog?
  4. Mark Zuckerberg: Isn’t Facebook enough? Like. Comment. Share
  5. Richard Branson: I’m too busy having fun.
  6. Donald Trump: I’m too busy hiring an apprentice to do it for me
  7. Marc Benioff: Let’s not force this issue, shall we?

As for our CEO, he is a changed man after attending our blogging session this morning. We expect great blogs to burst forth from him soon. Until then, his standard excuse continues to be – My dog ate my blog.

We promise to let you know the moment Mukund posts his blog. In the meantime, feel free to connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn and let him know your excuses for not blogging!

Author : Revathi Krishna Date : 23 May 2014