Customizing Salesforce CRM to Suit Your Business Model

There is no denying that Salesforce CRM is a hugely popular CRM. Thanks to the highly robust and scalable platform, businesses enjoy working with Salesforce CRM. A few clicks in the Salesforce CRM and your apps will be ready to meet the demands of their customers.

From an enterprise perspective, Salesforce CRM adoption is a simple and straight forward process that rewards them with a number of benefits.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM adoption

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

  1. User Productivity:
    Salesforce CRM with its highly customizable environment helps administrators and business users to define workflows and sales processes, generate reports and even schedule forecasting models on their own without depending on any development teams. Statistics show that there is a 37% increase in the user productivity.
  2. ROI:
    Every company invests money on strategy, technology and man-power to meet their business needs and targets. Investing money on campaigns, network infrastructure, technology with disparate vendors obviously maximizes the expenses. With Salesforce CRM, you have all the capabilities to manage workforce spread across countries, designing sales campaigns and monitoring them, developing multiple apps for departments and teams on the same platform and data warehouse and to get closer to the customers with social channels. ROI increases exponentially with this CRM. Statistics show that there is an impressive 80% increase in ROI of businesses who are using the Salesforce CRM.
  3. Process Automation:
    The customization capabilities of Salesforce CRM ensure that tasks such as sales processes, workflows, approval rules, task and event management and emailing can all be done with a few clicks. Thus, with Salesforce CRM, more processes are automated in every organization. Statistics show that there is an increase of 130% in process automation.
  4. Analytics & Insights:
    It’s not just processes and data that are maintained in the Salesforce CRM system. Reporting and Dashboards helps business people to analyze the data and represent it in charts and diagrams with a simple drag and drop operation.

A major advantage of Salesforce CRM is that it can be made to fit for a company irrespective of its size. Be it small-scale, medium or large enterprise, you can choose the appropriate edition that has all your favorite features.

customizing salesforce crm

Is Salesforce CRM the right fit for your business model?

For enterprises that would like their complex sales process to be aligned and managed well, Salesforce CRM without any customizations would serve the purpose.

For enterprises that are into Direct Sales Model or Fremium business model, you could develop apps in Salesforce and publish it to the AppExchange store either for free/paid as well as you could design web services from Salesforce that could be consumed by other applications to leverage a logic specific to a vertical or business.

I could keep on stating the possibilities of this powerful CRM for hours that you could leverage upon. The limit is your ability to dream. The key is the “NO-CODE” facet of the platform that enables lots and lots of stuff to get done and customized by just point & click facility.

I have been working for world’s largest publishing enterprise on Salesforce integrations. In the last four years, I have seen this CRM grow and mature and our team have been able to automate almost every process- from collecting manuscripts, book printing and selling it online- by leveraging the customization capabilities of Salesforce CRM.

Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 22 Jul 2014