Defending defiantly and dancing gracefully: A perfect ladies’ day out!

“It’s the fire in my eyes,

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet.

I’m a woman


Maya Angelou, American author, poet and civil right activist

At Suyati we celebrate womanhood every day; no matter it is work, game, fun, or friends. Being a wonderful and amazing place to work, especially for the women associates, Suyati is one-of- the-kind of organizations that handholds with the ladies as today’s women long and strive hard to build successful careers while balancing their personal priorities alongside.

To the ladies of Suyati: We are all wonderful, gorgeous, awesome, beautiful, and are the best creations of God. We are special to this universe and hence we mark it to the 8th of March to laud and rejoice our entity of being woman.

A day: for the women, by the women and of the women

While some gave the wackiest ideas to celebrate women’s day, some stood for social awareness and various other miscellaneous and routine junk. After all the discussions, we had it ready- the Big Day’s plans. The itinerary included two sessions: Karate self-defense session and Zumba fitness (dance).

We had two of the fantastic and prominent organizations based out of Kochi who honored us on that day agreeing to conduct the classes for Suyati’s women. Checkout how we enjoyed and partied from 2pm to 5pm on March 8th.

Absorbing and engrossing, the Self-defense session was handled by Sempai Neena A C and Sensei Sunil P V, both from the REI Institute of Martial Arts. The Karate experts demonstrated the basic and the easiest of the self-defense tricks and all the women gave their try to explore each movement. Apart from the learning and demo, the session was much lighter with the way it was handled. The session covered “why self-defense for women, Defend then attack policy, Most effective Body Parts to Hit, Self-defense for common people and Karate Self Defense. The session instilled in us great amounts of self-confidence and inculcated the idea of “we choose to fight back.”

I can knock you out- Soumi rehearses on Dhanasree


The bold and the beautiful- Suyati’s Women Power


Honoring the Karate connoisseurs- Bincy gifting the appreciation token


Whether to say Zumba dance or fitness, I am still confused.

But what we had on the second half of our celebration was an end-to-end workout, for most of us shook our legs after a long time. The Zumba fitness program was presided by Anju Wesley, Neha Narayanan, and Praveen Raj from Passion- the fitness studio. Some of us had apprehensions like, “We don’t know how to dance”. But Anju just reassured us that we are going to have a blast that we can never forget, and what happened during the next one hour was just mind-blowing.

Was it a fitness work-out or was it a dance class? I suppose many of the ladies out there will be still asking this question to each other. Work-out or dance, we had a ball on the floor, as we screamed and shook legs to the numbers played! The level of energy and enthusiasm that Anju and her co-presiders showered on us left us spell bound. It was such a relief from the usual hectic meetings and tight work schedules.

Mast Mast! The Zumba typhoon hitting the shore


The raving Zumba pose- Smiles going miles!


Jeena doing the honors for the Zumba trainers


Why should boys have all the fun! Here, we too had it in our own (femme) way, elegant and ecstatic. The recipe for the day was a sumptuous and luscious three course meal: Self-Defense, Zumba and the delicious snacks marking the finale. The Women’s Day gala truly pepped up our glee, blithe spirit, and our “we-feeling”. What more should you need to make a top chef’s special recipe- impeccable and astounding!


Author : admin Date : 11 Mar 2016