Delivering your outsourced IT projects on-time and under-budget

There are CIOs who swear that words like on-time and under-budget should not be used in the same sentence along with IT project delivery. Embittered and cynical about outrageous promises of delivery from IT vendors, CIOs are understandably lukewarm when asked about their team’s (and their vendor’s) ability to deliver projects successfully.

However, there are basic success factors associated with every IT project. And when it comes from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), we need to take note, especially since it has worked for government agencies and public corporations! So what factors can guarantee the success of an IT project? The GAO mentions 9 common elements:

  • Active engagement and integration of program officials and stakeholders with the vendor team
  • Program staff has the knowledge and the expertise
  • Support for the project from senior officials
  • End-users involved in development of requirements
  • End-users also participate in user acceptance testing
  • Stable team throughout the duration of the project/program
  • Requirements prioritized for the vendor
  • Clear communication at all times between the stakeholders and the vendor’s team
  • Sufficient funding!

The factors listed above can be found in any Project Management 101 handbook and at first glance sound easy to do. Not really! IT projects fail repeatedly for these very simple reasons. Which is why when we created the Dedicated Global Team (DGT) model for outsourcing, we took great pains to incorporate every facet of project management that will lead to success.

How? When you sign on Suyati’s DGT for your IT projects, a project team is created from scratch based on the project’s precise needs, and staffed with the right knowledge and expertise. In fact, our HR team works closely with the client’s team through multiple rounds of interviews to select the best fit for the position. (Yes, no member of our team is “warming the bench up”!) Once the new hires are taken on, the client’s IT team works directly, one-on-one, with our team to create precise requirements, prioritize them, and lay down deadlines. The planning and communication does not stop there – we have daily and weekly meetings between the teams on both ends to ensure we are on track to successfully complete the project on-time and under-budget.

Sounds too good to be true? Our Spanish client thinks otherwise..

We’re listening.

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Author : mkrishna Date : 05 Dec 2011