Digital Status of Your Company: The Beginner, The Skilled Worker or The Creator?


Today, companies continually face threat of the Generation Gap of digital transformation. If companies don’t keep up with the changes in our digital landscape, they end up reducing their ability to retain existing customers and also keep potential customers out of reach. Gradually, left-out companies fall into the extinct-category amongst other socially-approachable companies. While most companies are catching up with the norm of digital transformation, there are many who are at loss in planning this digital journey.

The best kind of digital shift is where not only innovation is promoted but the revenue also flows in. This can be done by strategic moves of executives. The digital resources of an enterprise must be able to cater to unique needs of expanding audience-ship.

Before companies can make such strategic moves, they must be able to assess the position of their businesses at present. Broadly, companies can be classified into the following three categories depending on their level of digital innovation:

The Beginners:

The beginners can grasp the need for an active digital life of their companies. However, at present, they are digitally unapproachable to their customer base. The main challenges they face are the absence of a legacy system (to allow online engagements), staff resource with a narrow skill list and a lack of direction to find expert advice on shaping their digital future. The bottom-line is that The Beginners are still wondering if digital transformation will sync with their organization.

Most of the companies in this position are making scattered efforts to reach out to their potential customers through devices and channels. However, since the distribution of efforts is scattered, it is difficult to bring out a concrete digital shift. The best way to deal with this situation is to associate with companies which have a well-established digital life. This would be a solid initiation into the landscape. Any company aspiring for digital transformation must ensure that the digital shift occurs throughout the organization and also that they engage their customers actively to gain their perspective on the potential digital services you can provide them.

Start with a comprehensive experience-test which would audit the current digital life of your company and plan out a strategy for moving towards holistic digital transformation. Once the strategy is set, all the applications flowing into your company for jobs can be tuned with your digital needs.

The Skilled Workers:

This category consists of those companies which have incorporated the tradition of using data analysis to make decisions and which are also investing in their digital life devotedly. However, the digital life is not part of their central focus yet and their staff emphasizes the skills more on business goals than on syncing the same for digital needs.

The Skilled Workers includes those enterprises which have implemented digital support throughout their companies and are following up on their past successes to move towards a comprehensive digital life.

These companies can discover more ways of digitally advancing by undergoing an assessment of the customer experience across channels. This would permit them to know where-and-when to direct their resources.

The roadmap to a vibrant digital space includes active involvement of the customer reps and business stakeholders. This creates a platform for discussing insights and for garnering support to implement digital initiatives. A stronger move would be to associate with partners, who can question the existent tactics, bring in new ideas being explored in the industry and also examine the logic of such ideas. This can provide a kick-start for the staff to build and innovate on existing strategies or to roll over and create a new roadmap altogether.

The main objective for these companies must be to inculcate digital innovation as a tradition of their business development. The ABCs of such a development must include data analytics and objective customer research embedded into company processes and business technology.

The Creators:

Those companies which have synchronized their digital life to business goals, geared for a long-term success are considered to be The Creators. Apart from consistent review of the customer data, they make sure auditing of digital platform is a habit of their digital roadmap. This allows them to verify the progress in view of their objectives.

The Creators are motivated to design digital experience governed by their customer research data while continually evolved the toolbox of their technologies. While the other two categories are still on way to realizing the value of digital for their business goals, the Creators are already generating additional business value by setting up a strong digital life. This can be done by initiating the customers as co-collaborators through technology-driven first-to-market avenues.

Depending on the features mentioned above, you can guess which category your company would fall into. Once you have an idea about present condition of the digital life of your company, you can work on bringing in employees who would question the thought of your company, give insights on developing your company’s digital life. For you Creators, remember that the digital is continually evolving and that means, more ways for you to reach out to your customers!    

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Author : Sahana Rajan Date : 02 Jan 2017