Getting ready to DREAM. DARE. DO in 2018


Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The same concept can be applied to success within a team as well. An organization achieves true growth, value, and sustainable progress when the employees work as one team and walks together in the same direction.

And that is exactly what happened when the Sales, Inside Sales, and Marketing teams had an offsite meeting at Whispering Waters, a resort in Paniyeli-Poru, from 13th – 15th of December.  The expectations from each individual and team, the value addition each one contributes, the company vision and goals for 2018 – all these were shared and debated through sessions that were both fun and enlightening.

The three day activities were roughly split into three themes – Align, Assign, and Achieve. The idea behind this was to:

  • Align personal goals with the company’s vision so that the journey becomes a mutually beneficial one.
  • Assign appropriate roles and set the right expectations and commit to the goal.
  • Achieve the goal set through the first two steps and move forward, together.

On Day #1, the idea of each individual being a vital part of the organization was broached, through the phrase which each one was made to repeat: “I Am Suyati”. As the team grew closer, the “I” was swiftly replaced with “We”, and the chant “We Are Suyati” was uttered with such excitement and enthusiasm, that it was very evident that the team was being formed.

On Day #2 the team was given a clear picture of what is in store for 2018, what the expectations are, and then proceeded to create a “Canvas of Commitment”. This was where all the SIM team members dipped their hand in paint and imprinted it on a canvas, as a symbolic representation of their commitment towards the common goal.

Day #3 was filled with activities disguised as opportunities to collaborate, cooperate and compete. The sessions were highly impactful, insightful, and ingenious. The event wound up and the team returned to the office highly energized – which was well evident in the way everyone danced joyously in the bus.

By the end of day 3, we can BOLDLY affirm that we are a cohesive unit that is creative, supportive, and ready to DREAM. DARE.DO in DIGITAL!!

Here is a very graphic, very embarrassing and a VERY FUN glimpse into what transpired during the three-day event: 

Author : Bhavya Venugopal Date : 12 Jan 2018