DreamForce 2017: Top 10 Sessions You Cannot Afford to Miss


Heading to San Francisco for DreamForce 2017? Then this blog is for you.

DreamForce 2017 has an exhaustive list of 3213 sessions planned across the span of 4 days. Phew! Since it is humanly impossible to attend all sessions, we asked our Salesforce experts at Suyati who are traveling to DF17 to recommend at least 10 must-attend sessions.

PS: The 10 sessions are spread across the first 2 days only. We believe you need to pick and choose the sessions on day 3 and 4 based on your experience in attending the sessions on day 1 and 2. Have fun!

Monday, November 6:

1. Let’s start with the numbers: Have trouble justifying your SalesForce investment to the management? This session “CIO Trends: What’s your Number? How to Realize Your True ROI” walks you through a detailed, step-by-step process in implementing a digital platform in your organization. For 40 minutes at 8 AM.

2. Lightning, Einstein and Automation: Learn everything about using Salesforce Lightning to boost adoption and accelerate sales. This session “Reinvent your Inside Sales Team with Lightning, Einstein and Advanced Automation” is at 9 AM for 40 minutes.

3. Calling all Admins: In the aptly named session “You Can’t Ignore me Anymore! 3 Features that Matter to Admins in Lightning” learn why Admins need to pay more attention to Compact Layouts, Actions and Apps. For 20 minutes at 9:30 AM

4. All things IoT: Apparently you can never have too much of a good thing, especially if it is called IoT. Attend this session “4 Perfect IoT days at DreamForce17” to know more about the sessions planned around IoT at DF17 and how you can get the best out of it. 20 minutes at 10:30 AM.

5. Or all things Deep learning and NPL: “Einstein Platform Services: Turn Unstructured Data into Apps People would Love” is also at 10:30 AM for 20 minutes. Attend this session to find out how you can use Einstein’s Deep Learning APIs to build smarter applications.

6. And that brings us to the next session on Auto-Machine Learning: Once you are done with the above session, rush to this one on “Auto-Machine Learning: The Magic behind Einstein” at 12 noon for 20 minutes. Warning: This one is not for the light hearted! Get ready to dive deep into machine learning workflows.

Tuesday, November 7:

7. Start the Day with the Big Three: It is every techie’s mantra – AI, IoT and Blockchain. If you have finished salivating, head to this session “Digitizing the Customer Experience with AI, IoT & Analytics, and Blockchain Tech” at 8 AM for 40 minutes.

8. Or get down and dirty with Salesforce DX: Prefer to sink your teeth into more things Salesforce? Head to “Getting Started with Salesforce DX (2)” at 8:30 AM for a detailed question and answer session for 40 minutes on Scratch Orgs, Salesforce CLI, Version Control…..

9. This is the BIGgest of them all: Big Data is back, and is bigger than ever. This must-attend session “Be a Big Data Champion with Big Objects and Async SOQL” covers problems that Big Data presents and how to overcome it using Big Objects. For 40 minutes at 9 AM.

10. Straight from the horse’s mouth: We love stories. Hear Experian narrate their successful implementation of Salesforce over a span of one year for 5000+ users. “Experian: A Retrospective of their Global Deployment on a Single Org” is another session we recommend you attend. For 40 minutes at 10 AM.

These ten sessions are just the tip of the DF17 iceberg. For a detailed list of all sessions, use the Agenda Builder that went live on October 23rd. Bookmark the sessions you want to attend, and then sync the bookmarked sessions to your email calendar or even download the agenda as PDF.

Want to know more on how you can plan your DF17 sessions for maximum coverage? Stay tuned for our blogs.

Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 24 Oct 2017