Dreamforce 2017: Top 10 Sessions No CXO Should Miss


The decision to attend one of the largest ever software conferences in the world is a no-brainer. But what do you do once you land on November 6th at Dreamforce17 is a tough decision indeed. DF17 has an exhaustive list of 3213 sessions planned across the span of 4 days. Since it is humanly impossible to attend all sessions, we asked our Salesforce experts at Suyati who are traveling to DF17 to recommend at least 10 must-attend sessions. Exclusively for CXOs.

Of course, these 10 sessions are in addition to the following SEVEN must-attend sessions!

1. November 6, 1:30 to 2:15 PM – Technology Innovation as a Force for Good – by Ashton Kutcher

2. November 6, 3-5 PM – We are all Trailblazers – with Marc Benioff and special guests

3. November 7, 9:30 to 10:30 AM – A Conversation with First Lady Michelle Obama

4. November 7-11 PM – The CONCERT!!! Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz!

5. November 8, 1-2 PM – Equality and the Future of Work with Ginni Roomette and Marc Benioff

6. November 8, 4:30 to 5:30 PM – Building the Dream with Laurene Powell Jobs, will.i.am, JR, and Carlos Watson

7. November 9, 9:30 to 10:30 AM – Sisters First with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush

(For a high-level schedule of all important events, click here)

Now for the list:

November 6:

CIO Trends: What’s your Number? How to Realize Your True ROI: Let’s start with the numbers. The Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investment walks you through a detailed, step-by-step process in implementing a digital platform. On a lean budget. Learn their tips, techniques and best practices! For 40 minutes at 8:00 AM.

Your business is talking, are you listening? Unnecessary risks and missed opportunities – two phrases that every CEO dreads. Attend this session to know how you can use insights from your business to reach your goals. For 40 minutes at 10:30 AM.

Games, budgets and bragging: The secret to modern IT and business partnershipBusiness and IT at loggerheads? Not at Getty Images when they successfully installed their CRM across 30 offices in 20 countries! At 11:30 AM for 40 minutes.

How industry leaders in Latin America and Spain are transforming their business Business transformation is a global phenomenon. Listen to leaders from Latin American and Spain showcase how they leveraged technology to build their success stories. At 1:30 PM for 40 minutes.

November 7:

The second annual State of IT: Top Trends in Business Technology The day starts with this fun (!) and interesting discussion of all things related to insights, challenges and technologies. Do keep in mind you can beat the stress at the concert in the evening! For 40 minutes starting from 9:00 AM.  

Experian: A Retrospective of their Global Deployment on a Single Org: We love stories. Hear Experian narrate their successful implementation of Salesforce over a span of one year for 5000+ users. For 40 minutes at 10:00 AM.

Fortune CEO Series: How AI is Transforming the World of Business – This Technology is touted as the next big game changer as it is supposed to double economic growth rates by 2035. Listen to business leaders and academicians as they share their predictions. For one hour from 3:30 PM.  

November 8

Be an IoT Hero: Jump the gap from IoT Potential to Business Results Listen to thought leaders from Ecolab and Webster Bank as they explain how they went from ideation to IoT stardom! For 40 minutes from 8:00 AM.  

Extend the power of your CRM to everyone in your businessYour CRM’s sphere of influence does not stop just with marketing or sales. Learn how Toyota used their CRM to transform their employee’s experience. At 10:00 AM for 40 minutes.

November 9

Story for Business: It’s a story about people and perception End Dreamforce17 with a session packed with all the lip-smacking keywords – predictive intelligence, IoT, AI, sensors, data-driven insights, et al! For 40 minutes from 8:00 AM.  

These ten sessions are just the tip of the DF17 iceberg. For a detailed list of all sessions, use the Agenda Builder that went live on October 23rd. Bookmark the sessions you want to attend, and then sync the bookmarked sessions to your email calendar or even download the agenda as PDF. Or search the entire session database with your keywords.

Please note that we have tried out best to pick the sessions so they do not clash with other equally important ones. However, since all session timings and venues may be subject to change, please do check real time before you rush to the venue.

Dreamforce17 is an event that is meant to do much more than just educate or inform. You are bound to walk away with insights, confidence and a newer zeal to do things. Have a good one!

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Author : Abhishek Subramanian Date : 31 Oct 2017