Driving with the cloud: Cloud Computing in the Automobile Industry

Image Source: wrenches.com

Automotive brands often face challenges thanks to market volatilities resulting in drop of sales and rise of component prices. So the last thing they want to see is an IT related challenge, with proportional increase in their IT budget.

This is where cloud computing can help, as your IT services could be hosted on a cloud based infrastructure thereby eliminating costs significantly. In addition to reducing hardware costs, there are other business processes inan automotive business that can be influenced in a positive way by cloud computing –

Test data Analysis is important for analyzing the efficiencies and performance standards of the automobile components such as engines, safety devices, Torque and Power Distribution, etc. The test center and the analysis wing may be at different geographical locations and hence a common cloud based service interface allows for easy sharing of data regarding the test scenarios.

Supply Chain Management for automotive components outsourced from different locations is another area where the cloud can streamline information flow to ensure timely delivery. The supplier and the manufacturer may have different software infrastructure within their respective working environments. A cloud based common service interface would help them communicate and share data and information despite their different internal procedures.

As for the future, how about an Auto Pilot option on your car that would guide your car to the destination via a cloud based navigation system. Also services such as Telematics and Remote Service Management could be moved onto the cloud.

The benefits of the cloud in the automobile industry cannot be ignored and thus cloud computing make for a worthy investment in this sector. If you would like to try out a cloud based business model or would like to use the services of cloud in any of your business processes, please free to contact Suyati Technologies.





Author : Shweta Vijaykumar Date : 20 Oct 2012