E-commerce Packaging – The Do’s and Dont’s

ecommerce packaging


When you know your market and you have the right marketing and pricing strategies, you are in control of your customer experience and can always keep them satisfied without suffering loss. But when it comes to e-commerce, there comes a point when you lose the advantage of being in complete control. Obviously, it is packaging we are talking about, where you leave your product in the hands of a complete stranger and is compelled to take a leap of faith. It is true that not all e-commerce vendors outsource their packaging, nonetheless, there are some e-commerce entrepreneurs who may have paid detailed attention to all aspects of their business but overlooked the packaging. Not surprisingly, poor packaging can put your e-commerce company in jeopardy. Here’s how you can put it right.

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Part and Parcel

The time when packaging and shipping were just a means of receiving the product is long gone. Now, packaging, shipping and presentation are all integral parts of the online shopping experience and customers have a lot of expectations about them, and if they are not met your sales may have to pay a heavy price. The reason is that most customers will be completely disappointed with your company if the products were delivered poorly even though everything else was perfect because apparently it is the last element of the shopping experience and after all it is the product that the entire shopping activity is all about.

If this idea still seems implausible to you, think over these stats. About half of the customers are likely to refuse delivery if the outer packaging is damaged or in poor quality, and 33% think that the company is unprofessional if they receive a package that is damaged, poor or even plain boring.


Branding is Trending

With the social media playing a big role in our everyday lives, customers are posting the photos of their packages and sharing videos of their unboxing experience. This fad has made packaging as an essential part of the branding experience since it serves as a differentiator for brands. Let’s dive into the trends that will give your company a packaging edge.

If you are in charge of the packaging of your company, make sure that the packaging is seen as a space for branding and marketing. If you are relying on direct supply partners, you can work with them and come up with a branding design that suits you. There are many e-commerce packaging solutions like Charapak that offers a range of branding opportunities with high quality gloss and litho-printing and bespoke designs that make unboxing experience a memorable one worth sharing. If you are a company that is dreaming big, it is better not to outsource your packaging to suppliers who do not offer branding service.


Personal is Special

We know that in real life, nothing beats a heart-felt personal thank you from someone who received a favor from you. Well, this idea can be extended as a packaging strategy. Everlane has been keeping its customers stunned with impressive thank you notes and personalized gift cards that no one can resist sharing in social media which subsequently acts as effortless social media marketing for the brand. Adding a little personal touch in your packaging doesn’t cost you much, but the benefits are multiple and mutual. Remember, the devil is in the details.


Green is Great

Many e-commerce vendors have the misconception that sustainability and aesthetics never meet when it comes to packaging. The truth is that there are many options that can keep your branding impact intact without betraying the eco-friendly element. Green packaging solutions can be broadly divided into the biodegradable like the paper-based envelopes and the recyclable like the plastic packages. Both options are great to make your package a sustainable one. If you are thinking going green leaves you with no color options, you are wrong. Soy-based ink, for instance, can let you jazz up your packages with a spectrum of colors.


Light is Right

Packaging is also about balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In other words, you have to minimize your package size to minimize cost since most couriers and supply options charge based on your size. Never use large-sized boxes. It will cost you more and will cause your customers inconvenience and more shipping costs. The right strategy for you is to keep your package light and small.

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Out of the Box Experience

The real challenge that the retail and brand owners often face in e-commerce is selecting a packaging with the best mix of functionality and aesthetics. The apt packaging solution is one that provides ample product protection along with a positive brand experience. The challenge lies in adopting a proper package fit which is a right combination of product quality and delivery speed through unpredictable shipping circumstances. Simply put, if you are set to impress the customers, two things matter: how fast does the package arrive and how the package and the product in it looks once it arrives at the customer’s doorstep.


Author : Letterbug Date : 13 Jan 2016