How Einstein-powered Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to delight the customer

Einstein-powered Salesforce Service Cloud

Understand the customer. Anticipate their need on a real-time basis. Exceed customer expectations at every opportunity.

Sounds easy? With Salesforce’s AI-powered Einstein service cloud, marketers can certainly have it easier. Service Cloud Einstein is a dynamic version of the popular customer service cloud, powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

Understand the Customer

The basic requirement in pampering the customer is getting to know them well. There are several ways to do so:

  • Listen to the customer, being attentive whenever in contact.
  • Place oneself in the customer’s shoes, evaluating business products and services from their point of view. Consider whether the products are reasonably priced, service is accessible conveniently, how long customers have to wait, and a whole host of other factors.
  • Leverage big data to the hilt. Collect data from various sources, such as point of purchase, social media posts, CRM database, and more. Analyze such data thoroughly, in real time, to shed light on the customer’s buying behavior and habits.
  • Take feedback. Feedback confirms observed trends and throws additional insights, which may never be gleaned through observation. For instance, how the customer perceived the behavior of the customer tech support team can never be gleaned by observation, and very rarely from social media posts. A direct question in the feedback form is likely to generate a response.

Einstein makes things amazingly simple, automating the task of “listening to the customer” and collecting data from various sources automatically. Marketers and data scientists are spared from the hassles of having to prep data or manage models and can focus their time on their core competencies.

Einstein powered Service Cloud brings AI to every customer relationship. It learns from all the collected data, be it CRM data, sales data, feedback data, social listening, IoT data, or from any other source, and subjects it to deep analytics in real time. Unlike conventional tools, it does not stop here. It offers predictions and recommendations in the context of what the customer wants, and what the marketer is trying to achieve. Wherever possible, Einstein automates the tasks as well.

Einstein also prompts sales executives with intelligent upsell and cross-sell suggestions, depending on which product would serve customer requests well. Service bots harness AI to deliver better experiences for customers, taking active cognizance of the generated feedback.


Fulfilling Customer Requirements

Many enterprises make the mistake of paying lopsided attention to anticipating or identifying what customers want. In this process, they exhaust their energies and neglect the task of following up to deliver the goods. Here again, the Einstein powered Service Cloud enables them to fulfill expectations with ease, and in the process improves organizational efficiency.

Very often customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the promptness and efficiency in which the brand responds to the customer. Einstein Case Management leverages machine learning to allocate incoming calls “smartly.”  The system not only sifts and classifies the case in real time, escalating high priority cases but also identifies and assigns the best available agent to handle the case. The assigned agent gets all information relevant to the case on their fingertips as well.

The best experiences are not high-fangled or complex experiences. Rather the best experience comes when the transaction is super easy. AI powered Einstein offers every employee, from the contact center agent to the manager and from the mobile worker to a supervisor a powerful tool that increases their productivity and improves efficiency.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The importance of back-end efficiency role in delivering customer needs is under-estimated. In fact, only a smooth and seamless backend, which allow enterprises to be fully primed up to serve the customer, can exceed customer expectation.

Einstein Supervisor, a mix of AI-powered analytics from the Analytics Cloud’s Service Wave analytics app automates many tasks normally performed by a customer service supervisor, offering managers real-time insights on agent availability, queues and wait times. Einstein powered service cloud, will also drill into the data, identify further insights, which could help to pinpoint a common problem, such as all companies using heavy data at the same time, or a faulty node.

Einstein powered Intelligent Mobile Service, the mobile offering from the Service Cloud, extends the deeper and personalized service anytime and anywhere. The mobile app not only offers real-time access to the CRM data, but also makes use of advanced algorithms to optimize scheduling and routing.

The potential rewards in pampering the customer goes much beyond successfully concluding the immediate sale. There is the real chance of the customer becoming a brand advocate and endorsing your product to their network. The Einstein powered Salesforce Service Cloud is the backbone, which enables all such tempting prospects.

In the words of Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM for Service and Sales Clouds at Salesforce – “Service Cloud Einstein empowers companies to transform any customer service interaction into a smart conversation that drives brand loyalty and creates customers for life.”

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Author : Nayab Naseer Date : 08 Mar 2017