Ektron’s Digital Experience Hub (DxH): What’s the point?

Ektron is a WCM- an idea that sprouted to allow non-technical users author, manage and publish website content. It also helps allotting key strategic roles to marketers and businessmen for managing a website. Ektron introduced a brand new product called Digital Experience Hub (DxH), shipped with the release of Ektron 8.6. DxH is primarily a marketing middleware that connects Ektron with other Enterprise Systems via its pre-built connectors.

So, what actually is the significance of DxH? Why a WCM needs pre-built connectors? What’s the whole point?

Significance of DxH

Are we bothered to watch the TV commercials, answer outbound calls or look into the outbound direct emails anymore? No! Not at all!

The digital world is changing so fast, so do the marketing strategies. We are not relying on traditional marketing (Outbound Marketing) anymore. And the customers are also changing!

This is the age of inbound marketing! This fact stresses the importance of having a marketing middleware along with WCM. And that’s where we realize the significance of DxH.

By providing pre-built connectors with the CMS, Ektron allows marketers to leverage the capabilities of popular marketing applications. Isn’t it cool? So, that means you don’t really have to write any custom code for integrating with third party enterprise applications!

DXH is actually going to free up the “busy” IT resources!

The available pre-built connectors of DxH include:

  • CRM Connectors
  • Microsoft SharePoint Connectors
  • Web Analytics Connectors
  • Marketing Automation Connectors

Do you have any custom application to be managed with Ektron? Don’t worry! Ektron is flexible enough. Ektron provides Context Bus API to add highly customizable connectors and discoverable APIs to have a new integration with very little coding effort.

Thus DxH is one of the most terrific releases from Ektron and a promising tool for marketers!

So do you want to harness maximum benefit from Ektron? Want to know more about the implementation of DxH? Want a custom application to be merged with Ektron? Talk to our Ektron experts today!


Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 08 Apr 2013