Ektron and Eloqua: It takes two to tango!

ektron eloqua dxh connector
Have you heard about a CMS and a marketing automation tool blended together? Now wouldn’t that be just perfect?! I think most of you may have heard about Ektron, one of the best content management systems (CMS) in the world, and Eloqua, among the top modern marketing automation tools. This blog will give you a brief introduction to Ektron, and how you can use a marketing tool like Eloqua from inside this CMS itself. It will also cover how one can leverage Eloqua’s capabilities inside Ektron, and how to maximize both of their features together.

What is Ektron?

Ektron is an easy to use, robust, and highly flexible Web Content Management System (WCMS). A CMS is basically a web application that helps store content, process this content, and finally display it on a website. Apart from this, Ektron provides lots of other useful built-in features like Core Content Management, Social Networking Collaboration, eCommerce, Document Management System, Analytics, Personalization, eSync, Search, etc.

Core Content Management in Ektron provides the flexibility to create localized content, maintain approval workflow & history of the content, categorization by using taxonomy, and more. In Ektron the content is created and updated by the WYSIWYG content editor with advanced HTML form builder, making the content creation process easier. The personalization helps to build a customized view of web pages. Further, the membership and subscription features enhance interaction with members and visitors, while the web analytics help to track each website visitor. It is so user friendly, having so many built-in features, that even a non technical person can easily use Ektron!

What is Eloqua?

Eloqua is a modern marketing automation leader, providing top notch marketing automation services to all marketers around the world. To hear it from the horse’s mouth – “Eloqua’ s innovative marketing automation and revenue performance management solutions will continue to help modern marketers target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns, get the best leads to sales and deliver the highest return on your marketing investment.”

Using Eloqua, you can create and maintain contacts, accounts, eMails, forms and campaigns. So what exactly are these elements? A contact is nothing but an individual user detail, whereas an account includes individual company details. An eMail helps maintain specific templates that are used in marketing campaigns. Forms, as expected, are used to capture user specific details – they are hosted within Eloqua, or on the site. A campaign gives the flexibility to launch eMails to members of the targeted segment in the most efficient way. It is among the best eMail marketing tools available right now, and existing customers know this quite well.

How to integrate your Eloqua account with Ektron?

Here, Ektron’s Digital Experience Hub (DxH) comes into picture. It helps the integration of marketing middle ware (connectors) with Ektron, with minimal effort. In other words, DxH is a Windows service that is extensible, and enables seamless integration of external applications with Ektron. It works like plug and play architecture, and you need to have a valid Eloqua account.

Advantages of using both Ektron and Eloqua

Do you already have a valid Ektron license and an Eloqua account? Wondering what the benefits are of combining both under one umbrella? Here are some of the many gains:

  • Capture new contacts in Eloqua from your Ektron website, by just filling and submitting the form
  • Provision to update extra details of existing contacts from a website through an Ektron form
  • A user friendly interface to create campaigns from your Ektron site
  • Create, activate and monitor campaigns from the website itself
  • You can use existing Ektron CMS content, or create a fresh mail template on the fly for your eMail campaign
  • Content targeting on your website based the visitors’ contact attributes
  • Target specific content to specific users based on defined rules
  • Track users’ activities on the campaign from your website itself
  • Deliver a personalized web experience for your visitors

Are you seeking to integrate any marketing middle ware with Ektron? At Suyati, we already have a series of connectors in place, including one for Eloqua. You can just plug it in, with an easy and quick installation procedure. Get in touch with us: services@suyati.com.

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Author : Ajai Mani Date : 16 Jul 2014