Ektron Partner Accredition Test: Taking web development to the next level of expertise

Ektron CMSEktron’s web content-management platform is fast growing in popularity among enterprises, as it facilitates creation, deployment and maintenance of websites in an easy, seamless and fast way. It also offers many possibilities, such as seamless integration with CRM, Analytics, Marketing Automation Systems, ERP and SharePoint, multichannel delivery, ecommerce compatibility, and more. The development team, comprising of users, developers, designers and others, works in parallel, to shorten time-to-web and improve project efficiency.

Ektron delivers its web content management platform through its Implementation Partners. The selection of such partners is through a comprehensive accreditation process that ensures that the partners come up with specific tools and resources best suited for a specific situation, and remain competent in the latest Microsoft IT Infrastructure, such as NET Framework 4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2 required for Ektron solutions.

Ektron implementation partners have a trained and skilled development team. Ektron’s basic developer training program equips web developers to set up a development environment and develop effective information architecture. It equips them to implement Active Directory and Single Sign On, structure content using Smart Forms, manage web configuration files, use Blueprint CSS to JQuery design elements and do more.

The Advanced Developer Training course facilitates developers to make use of the complete Ektron Framework consisting of .NET Server Controls, Widgets and APIs. It equips the developer with advanced concepts, such as 3-tier architecture, advanced search architecture, how to optimize performance, how to secure the infrastructure, and more. Developers also gain insights into Ektron’s best practices and methodologies.

Suyati Technologies, a Premier Partner with Ektron, is recognized for its capabilities in providing Development, Maintenance and API level customizations on Ektron. As a part of improving our footing in APAC and Europe as an Ektron partner, Suyati recently upgraded its 35+ Ektron practice team with 8.5V On Demand Training and Partner Accreditation Test.

Author : admin Date : 28 Jan 2013