Ektron webinar: It was all about tasting victory in the first attempt…!

Our first Ektron webinar

Hosting a webinar isn’t new for Suyatians. But hosting an Ektron webinar was new to us. Ektron developers in Suyati are always busy with their ongoing CMS, migration, upgradation and plugin development projects.
Does that means we are not contributing towards the community?
We most certainly are!

Our motto is “Learn.Share.Grow”

We always make it a point to share our expertise in the community. And we’ve realized that hosting an Ektron webinar is the quickest way to share our Ektron skills to the world. After few brainstorming sessions we came up with a meaty, intriguing and highly relevant topic for the webinar – “Integration of Marketing Middleware made simple by Ektron’s DXH”.

The webinar planning

After finalizing the webinar topic, the next task was choosing a webinar demo topic. It was a big challenge for us. We were spoilt for choices as every team member came up with super cool ideas for it! After conducting a detailed inspection on each topic, we made it a point to go for “OneDrive integration with Ektron” as the demo topic. Further, our Ektron Solutions Architect Abhilash and me decided to host the webinar, along with our marketer Muktha.

The next task was preparing the webinar presentation. This was a joint venture of our development, design, marketing and content teams. At Suyati, it’s always fun when desperate teams work closely towards a single goal. We even had instances in which our ”iron lady” from the marketing team fought with our “spicy” content writer! Also we witnessed our versatile developer Ajai quarreling with his fellow developer for optimizing the webinar demo connector code!

After all the fun filled happenings, we came up with an awesome presentation for the webinar!

The Big day with the big surprise!

The big day came with a big surprise! Our webinar team was lucky enough to have Tom O’Brien, Vice President of Product Management at Ektron as a panelist for the webinar. Having a tech savvy stalwart like Tom as a speaker for webinar? What more do we need to make it rock?!

We kicked off the webinar at 8.30pm. Our marketer Muktha gave an introduction, and I kicked off the presentation by giving an overview to the DxH, and an elaboration as to how it simplifies integrations. Later Abhilash took a deep dive into the technical aspects of the DxH, which was continued with my demonstration of the OneDrive connector. Finally, we had Tom talking about “Ektron’s plans for the Digital Marketing Ecosystem around DXH”.


Our Q&A session was filled with lots of thought provoking and in-depth technical questions. We were both pleasantly surprised and thrilled when Tom eagerly answered most of the questions.
Due to lack of time we decided to address a few questions offline. And we concluded the webinar at 9.30pm with a special note thanks to Tom for his presence.

Pizzas-The party time!

As always, we Suyatians work hard and party harder!! After an eventful webinar we had a “Pizza” party in our pantry! We took few snaps together, while we laughed over all the fun packed moments around the webinar.

The grand success of our Ektron webinar was all about effective team work.
As Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Three cheers to the webinar team!!!

Author : Bisileesh Bhaskaran Date : 21 Feb 2014