Enabling IoT Security in Enterprises

Internet of Things security questions

The interest of people as well as global organizations in the Internet of Things (IoT) has been increasing over the last few years. Businesses are using the concept to connect their devices and assets to achieve better things and generate more value for their businesses. In exciting times as such it is worth to take a look at how we can enable IoT security to improve our own ventures and enterprises.

Securing connectivity between devices and the cloud

The devices using IoT are distributed across a wide geographical spectrum. It becomes a challenge for making provisions to maintain them. The devices might be in hostile environments and can be located in places of uncertain operations. Also connecting a large number of devices over the internet poses a threat to the confidentiality of data. Securing data on the cloud is also an important aspect of data security as it is to securing the data on the ground. What is the way to do it? Using applications like Azure IoT Suite can enable people to provide policy-based control on devices as well as make use of industry-approved encryption standards to secure connections in devices and the cloud. Microsoft Azure cloud is protected at the physical, network, host application and data layers so that there are no threats to it.

Focus on a particular case type and accordingly manage the infrastructure

Right from the beginning if a business chooses to look at the type of returns it in fact expects a lot of things including day-to-day functioning costs and operations that can be streamlined to increase the output. What it essentially means is that when a business implements IoT, the bandwidth needs change. As new devices join the network, there is a lot of movement of data and the costs of storing data also goes up. Also with so many entry points one needs to ensure that the data is safe and secure and cannot be hacked. That is the reason why the entire structure needs to be streamlined accordingly so that the problems of data movement, storage and security are all essentially tackled without overrunning the costs and the budgets.

Streamlining the management using a security by design method

The best way to do this is to streamline management by understanding IoT applications that are similar to others. Therefore simplifying the process as much as possible is important. The more we work towards this, the easier it is to implement, maintain and even upgrade the existing devices that function on the IoT. A solution that incorporates the existing devices along with space for new ones will be the most optimal one. A security by design approach would mean that the IoT device should be able to ward off threats related to employee privacy, unauthorized access issues and, of course, hardware and software security breaches. That means designers have to keep in mind these various parameters while designing them.

Emerging rules and regulations

Using IoT devices also means that businesses and corporations need to be aware of the kind of rules and regulations that exist as well as the new ones that are coming up. Also the use of such devices raises the questions of data mining and the kind of flexibility corporations have in collecting data. Also there are issues regarding the data collected in countries, the way they are processed or how or not it can be interpreted and used or misused.  Therefore it is always advisable to be aware of current trends and upcoming new ones as far as the laws are concerned so that the enterprise is not caught on the wrong side of the law.

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Author : Letterbug Date : 13 May 2016