Engineers build the world!! Yes, We do

May 5,2014. My first day at Suyati was just a beginning, a window into the so called IT Corporate world. I came to Suyati with a lot of apprehensions, the memories of college still fresh and with no idea what to expect. My first day at Suyati went by quickly. The theories that I studied in college started gaining life. Suddenly OOPs concepts were flying all around me. The often quoted phrase “Engineers build the world” started becoming real to me.

The initial phase of SuyatiSTEP exposed us into the diversified sections that existed within a company. It was new knowledge to realize how people specialized in different fields work together to create a perfect product.

The friendly atmosphere created by the engineers in Suyati during our training sessions eased our initial apprehensions. OOPs subject, which I had thought to be one of those subjects that is difficult to explain was handled with ease by Jijo and his team. I was really surprised with the simplicity of their explanations and how he brought the otherwise technical stuff to life. With hands-on and classroom sessions it was one of the most enjoyable part of SuyatiSTEP 2k14. Each different session had its own uniqueness and flavor. Coding conventions and standards taught us the importance of documentations and emphasized on the reusability factor of coding. Soft skills sessions were time to relax and have fun, at the same time taught us to expand our otherwise rudimentary imagination.

BA sessions were pretty different from the rest. It opened our eyes to the part of software development that is devoid of coding and how day to day requirements of people finds space in the software life cycle. It taught us how time is calculated, managed and efficiently utilized in the creation of a successful software. It introduced us into Agile methodology and the advantages and disadvantages of Scrum via a demo paper making experiment.

Javascript sessions helped us to make interactive web pages and its basics. Hands-on session on HTML5 was an important feature of SuyatiSTEP.

Each session had its own uniqueness and flavor, with new knowledge to cherish.

Author : Aparna Bivera Date : 17 Jul 2014